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ANNOUNCEMENT - Death of John Gober 

I am sorry to inform you that John Gober, creator of this website, died on May 16, 2018.

This website will continue to be available, but data updates will be very limited while I (John's sister, Patricia) try to learn how to update and maintain it.   If you can take over the maintenance of this genealogy, please contact me at john.cx.gober@goberfamily.org. The database used is The Master Genealogist (TMG); SecondSite is used to build the web site.


Announcement Gober Family Cemetery
Commerce Georgia

Kin of days gone past
Arthur Wycliffe Gober and Emily Westbrook
Mary E. Dobbs
Annie Lenora Gober
Lisbon Failes Gober
Lisbon M. Gober
Martha Texanna Gober
Hockenhull M. Gober
Lison Jack Gober
Marcena Bearden
Nancy Bearden