Nanette Coleman

     Nanette Coleman was born. She was the daughter of David Coleman and Helen Porter Gober.

Reba Coleman

     Reba Coleman married Jimmy Wayne Cumberland, son of Kenneth Cumberland and Bobby Jean McKay, on 15 May 1969.

Child of Reba Coleman and Jimmy Wayne Cumberland

Shirley Elizabeth Coleman

     Shirley Elizabeth Coleman married Larry Dennis Wilbanks, son of A. Belmont Wilbanks and Etha Kate Camp, on 8 August 1969 at Leake County, Mississippi.

Children of Shirley Elizabeth Coleman and Larry Dennis Wilbanks

Vicki Lynn Coleman

     Vicki Lynn Coleman is the daughter of John Henry Coleman Jr. and Carolyn Virginia Riley.

Wade Elbert Coleman

b. 24 November 1916, d. 9 December 1985
     Wade Elbert Coleman was born on 24 November 1916 at Cherokee County, Texas. He was the son of Wade Hampton Coleman and Mary Lou Gober. Wade Elbert Coleman married Mattie Arlene Bussa on 9 March 1941. Wade Elbert Coleman died on 9 December 1985 at age 69.

Children of Wade Elbert Coleman and Mattie Arlene Bussa

Wade Hampton Coleman

b. 25 September 1882, d. 21 November 1931
     Wade Hampton Coleman was born on 25 September 1882 at Cherokee County, Texas. He married Mary Lou Gober, daughter of Charles Henry Gober and Martha A. Johnston, on 27 December 1903 at Cherokee County, Texas. Wade Hampton Coleman died on 21 November 1931 at age 49. He was buried at Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, Woodville, Tyler County, Texas.

Walter H. Coleman

     Walter H. Coleman married Mary Virginia Taylor, daughter of Edgar Arthur Taylor and Ida Irene Morgan, circa 1938 at Kosciusko, Attala County, Mississippi.

Child of Walter H. Coleman and Mary Virginia Taylor

Deborah Ann Colhmia

     Deborah Ann Colhmia married Dean B. Marvin, son of Byron Lynn Marvin Jr. and Shirley Darlene Gober, on 16 March 1986.

Children of Deborah Ann Colhmia and Dean B. Marvin

Paula Collier

     Paula Collier married Donald Craig Potts, son of Emory V. Potts and Mary Belle Rowell, on 4 July 1981.

Children of Paula Collier and Donald Craig Potts

Ruth Elizabeth Collier

b. 1914, d. 1987
     Ruth Elizabeth Collier was born in 1914. She married Thomas Jefferson Johnston, son of Samuel Wilburn Johnston Sr. and Mary Susan Gober, circa 1931. Her married name was Johnston. Ruth Elizabeth Collier and Thomas Jefferson Johnston were divorced in 1937. Ruth Elizabeth Collier was buried at Davis Cemetery, Houston County, Texas. She died in 1987 at Harris County, Texas.

Alvin Collins

     Alvin Collins married Edna Mabel Parks, daughter of James Lafayette Parks and Frances Palmyra Patman Neal, on 18 November 1908.

Amanda Lou Collins

     Amanda Lou Collins is the daughter of Jerry Wayne Collins and Deborah Lynn Gober.

Anna Lee Collins

     Anna Lee Collins married John Harvard Gober, son of Marcus Aquilla Gober and Roxie Laura Ann Scott, on 24 September 1942.

Children of Anna Lee Collins and John Harvard Gober

Bill Collins

     Bill Collins married Addie Roden, daughter of William Thomas Roden and Lula Kate Delana Gober.

Catherine Mikeal Collins

     Catherine Mikeal Collins is the daughter of Courtner Collins and Gail Crow.

Clyde Collins

     Clyde Collins married Ethel Roden, daughter of William Thomas Roden and Lula Kate Delana Gober.

Courtner Collins

     Courtner Collins married Gail Crow, daughter of Leonard Clarkson Crow and Beatrica Anna Kirby.

Children of Courtner Collins and Gail Crow

Edna Collins

     Edna Collins married Lee Estil Edwards, son of Lewis J. Edwards and Molly Stillman, on 17 July 1926.

Faye Collins

     Faye Collins married William James Moore, son of Milton Grover Moore and Minnie Lucille Keller, on 18 September 1938.

Infant Daughter Collins

b. 1912, d. 1913
     Infant Daughter Collins was born in 1912. She was the daughter of Alvin Collins and Edna Mabel Parks. Infant Daughter Collins died in 1913.

Jeffery Wayne Collins

     Jeffery Wayne Collins is the son of Jerry Wayne Collins and Deborah Lynn Gober.

Jerry Wayne Collins

     Jerry Wayne Collins married Deborah Lynn Gober, daughter of James Edgar Gober and Anna Lee Self, on 24 February 1979.

Margaret Saye Collins

b. 1914
     Margaret Saye Collins was born in 1914. She was the daughter of Alvin Collins and Edna Mabel Parks. As of 4 September 1963,her married name was Vidal. Margaret Saye Collins married Carlos M. Vidal on 4 September 1963.

Melissa Ann Collins

     Melissa Ann Collins is the daughter of Jerry Wayne Collins and Deborah Lynn Gober.

Pamalito Collins

     Pamalito Collins is the daughter of Courtner Collins and Gail Crow.

Rebecca Ann Collins

     Rebecca Ann Collins married Joseph Morgan Reynolds, son of Joseph DeWitt Reynolds and Eloise Wootan, on 23 January 1959 at Atlanta, DeKalb County, Georgia.

Rhoda Frances Collins

     Rhoda Frances Collins is the daughter of Alvin Collins and Edna Mabel Parks. Rhoda Frances Collins married William Avery Langford.

Ruby Pearl Collins

     Ruby Pearl Collins married Jack Carmen Miller, son of Hugh Miller and Maurice Carmen Howell, on 15 August 1961 at Philadelphia, Neshoba County, Mississippi.

Sharon Collins1

     Sharon Collins married Edward Roy "Roy" McLerran Jr., son of Edward Roy McLerran Sr. and Zettie Belle Hughes, on 15 May 1978.


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Wilma Jane Collins

     Wilma Jane Collins married William Mayes Gantt, son of Carl Eugene Gantt and Bertha Bell Burtz, on 30 November 1949 at Cobb County, Georgia.

Lynn Collonsworth

     Lynn Collonsworth married Rose Nell Larson, daughter of Bob Larson and Willie Gladys Clarkson.

Dorothy Lee Collyes

     Dorothy Lee Collyes married James Edison Wright, son of Mitchell LaRue Wright and Cleo Meaders.

Kathryn C. Colman

     Kathryn C. Colman married George Marcus Gober, son of William D. Gober and Mary A. Parkinson.

Children of Kathryn C. Colman and George Marcus Gober

Alicia Aurora Colunga1

     Alicia Aurora Colunga married John Calvin Williamson, son of Marion Frederick Parks Williamson and Elizabeth Pugh Baldwin.


  1. [S1203] Guillermo Alfonso Williamson, "E-mail from Guillermo Alfonso Williamson re Alicia Aurora Colunga," e-mail message to John Charles Gober, Nov 3 2015. Hereinafter cited as "E-mail from Guillermo Alfonso Williamson."

F. L. Colvin

     F. L. Colvin married Mary Lois Hall, daughter of Thomas Everett Hall and Alpha Leora Gober.

Theresa Comeau

     Theresa Comeau married Gregory Wayne Vinyard, son of Wayne Alan Vinyard and Virginia Louise Thompson, on 29 September 1996 at Anaheim, Orange County, California.

Child of Theresa Comeau and Gregory Wayne Vinyard

Forrest Commander

     Forrest Commander married Betty Lucille Pugh, daughter of Louis Erwin Pugh Sr. and Amiee Ruth Franklin.

Allie Compte

     Allie Compte married Homer Kellum, son of William Luther Kellum and Frances Ann Gober.

Dubert Leon Compton

     Dubert Leon Compton married Lovie Mary Jordan, daughter of James Joshua Jordan and George Emma Dobbs, on 25 July 1921 at Ft. Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.

Gary Compton

     Gary Compton married Joyce Vinyard, daughter of Alvin G. Vinyard and Alice Burke.

Karen Compton

     Karen Compton is the daughter of _____ Compton and Mary Phil Nisbet.

_____ Compton

     _____ Compton married Mary Phil Nisbet, daughter of Kenneth Nisbet and Elizabeth Driver.

Child of _____ Compton and Mary Phil Nisbet

_____ Compton

     _____ Compton married Willena Neal, daughter of Robert Washington Neal and Angelena E. Thomas.

Thomas Blake Conan

     Thomas Blake Conan married Julia Martha Diaz, daughter of Robert Gilbert Diaz and Martha Kate Liddell, on 24 November 1966 at Athens, Clarke County, Georgia; Status: Annulled.

Barbara Joann Conder

     Barbara Joann Conder married Jesse William Radley Franklin, son of Jesse Robert Franklin and Thelma Jean Jackson, on 31 July 1950 at Denver, Denver County, Colorado.

Patricia Ann Cone

     Patricia Ann Cone married Joseph Edgar Gober, son of Joseph Neil Gober and Julia Mae Frazier, on 25 September 1954 at Elmore County, Alabama.

Ima Lee Conger

     Ima Lee Conger married William Henry Emerson, son of James William Emerson and Mina Ola Dodson, on 22 March 1948 at Nolan County, Texas.

Children of Ima Lee Conger and William Henry Emerson

Annie M. Conley

b. 14 November 1899, d. 25 December 1983
     Annie M. Conley was born on 14 November 1899 at Sugar Grove, Logan County, Arkansas. She married Kelly Rosco Self, son of Thomas Dennis Self Jr. and Mary F. Annesley. Her married name was Self. Annie M. Conley died on 25 December 1983 at Booneville Hospital, Booneville, Logan County, Arkansas, at age 84. She was buried on 27 December 1983 at Moore's Chapel Cemetery, Waveland, Yell County, Arkansas.

Linda Sue Conley

     Linda Sue Conley married Jimmy Austin, son of Boyce Edwin Austin and Nell Downs, on 15 December 1972 at Mississippi.

Tammy Lynn Conley

     Tammy Lynn Conley married Glen Edward Williams, son of Joe Meaders Williams and Karman Pauline Svehla, on 9 March 1985 at San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.