Message from Belinda & Brent Stoker

Hello! My husband, Brent, and I just purchased the property the Gober cemetery in Commerce, GA is located on. We are trying to locate all the prior pictures of the cemetery to determine locations of graves and also to determine if some of these slabs are markers that have fallen over. I have seen pictures of upright tombstones online that have either fallen over or have been removed which I hope is not the case, that would be very sad. We are hoping to be able to kind of map it from photos as we begin to clean up the area and put it to rights. Do you have any pictures that may not be online you could send me? We appreciate any assistance you can offer! Belinda & Brent Stoker
Thank you,

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October 24, 2017

Gallery Gober Cemetery

Asa A. Gober
Darling Edmond Gober
Notes of Lisbon J. Gober
Notes of Lisbon J. Gober
Notes of Lisbon J. Gober
Notes of Lisbon J. Gober
Elmer Larkin Gober
Emma Culberson taken 2009 03 07
FMLJ Gober
Gober Cemetery near Commerce GA 2009 03 07
Gober Cemetery near Commerce GA 2009 03 07
Gwennet death book
Henry Gober
Henry J. Gober & Mary
Jas. W. Gober's Grave at Gober Cemetery taken 2009 03 07
MA Brand
Mary's Grave at Gober Cemetery near Commerce GA taken 2009 03 07
Mary E. B. Gober
Matilda A. Gober
Unknown Gober
William A & Georgia Ann Gober

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