These biographies and lineages were scanned in from the original documents. They are pdf files which open in a new window.

PersonBirthDeathEnlistment DateDischarged DateBurial PlaceNotes
Allen, John F. (Dr.)
Anderson, William H. Jr.2 Nov 19142 Sep 1951
Ballard, Ivis L.circa 190129 Sep 1991Pilot Prairie Cemetery, Scott County, Arkansas
Barfield, James L. Jr.9 Aug 193622 Jan 2000
Blackburn, Arthur C.7 Jan 192023 Dec 1959
Blackwell, Andrew J.1 Jan 182925 Jun 1918Friendship Cemetery, Old Homer, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana
Blackwell, James E.circa 1831
Blackwell, John H.1828191825 Jul 1862
Blackwell, William R.182527 Jan 1882
Camp, Elix P.2 Mar 19245 Mar 1995Leake County, MississippiServed in the U.S. Air Force.
Clarkson, James H.30 Jun 1947Trinity Cemetery Family Plot, Center Post, Walker County, Georgia
Clarkson, John A.8 Feb 19184 Mar 1986Belfast, Allegany County, New York
Clarkson, Nancy C.25 Nov 193322 Aug 1976Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia
Clarkson, Robert E.28 Mar 192928 Jun 1994Trinity Cemetery Family Plot, Walker County, Georgia
Clarkson, William D.19 May 1927Apr 1966
Clay, David W.25 Apr 1945
Cook, Jack R.27 May 19248 Dec 1990Holt Cemetery, Holt, San Saba County, Texas
Crocker, William V.26 Dec 192428 Jun 1979Lakewood Memorial Park Cemetery, Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi
Crow, Alford M.18621863
Davis, Fred H.29 Oct 19181943
Denley, Hosea E.26 Jun 192126 May 1991
Dobbins, Wilbur O.4 Jun 191814 Dec 1983Gum Springs Cemetery, Searcy, White County, Arkansas
Driver, Ira E.11 Feb 183816 Oct 1906Vinyard Cemetery # 1, Hardin County, Illinois
Edwards, Emory H. Jr.15 Mar 192026 May 1993Cremated - Ashes scattered at sea
Emerson, Henry M.between 22 Aug 1832 and 183626 Sep 190627 Dec 1861Sweetwater, Nolan County, Texas
Evatt, James L.9 Sep 183228 Jun 1915Duncan Cemetery, Scott County, Arkansas
Farley, Forrest R.9 Aug 189222 Jun 1932Memphis Memorial Park Cemetery, Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee
Flynn, James W.11 May 184017 Aug 191912 Aug 1862Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hardin County, Illinois
Frazier, Hallie W.5 Nov 190821 Dec 1944Wake Forest Cemetery, Thomastown, Leake County, Mississippi
Frazier, Jackson R.1828
Frazier, Lester13 Jun 19114 May 1974Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, Newport, Attala County, Mississippi
Fuller, James E.6 Oct 189518 Dec 1968
Ginger, George A.20 Feb 18411 Nov 18611861
Gober, Andrew C.2 Dec 193920 Apr 1996
Gober, Benjamin W.circa 1841before Feb 1892
Gober, Bushrod W.10 Jun 18303 Aug 1863
Gober, Carlton F.25 Apr 1895Nov 1978
Gober, Carlton F.7 Sep 19229 Oct 1944Killed in action during WWII. He was awarded the Silver Star.
Gober, Charles L.circa 1817between 1889 and 1900
Gober, Charles L.5 Mar 192323 Jan 1960Bethel United Meth. Church Cemetery, Dawson County, Georgia
Gober, Charles T.4 May 183924 Sep 1914City Cemetery, Throckmorton, Throckmorton County, Texas
Gober, Claude A.1 Aug 192020 Nov 1957Santa Anna Cemetery, Santa Anna, Coleman County, Texas
Gober, Craddockcirca 1767182212 Sep 1812
Gober, Daniel10 Mar 17914 Jan 1868Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Monticello, Drew County, Arkansas
Gober, Dempsey P. C.circa 183126 Jan 18821 Sep 1863Hamilton County, Tennessee
Gober, DeWard H.10 Feb 18971981
Gober, Dewitt28 Sep 189512 Sep 1918Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia
Gober, Edwin F.184315 Dec 1861
Gober, Elijah C.circa 182710 Apr 1862
Gober, Elvis J.28 Dec 1913
Gober, Eric J.8 Jan 189312 Jun 1970Burnout Cemetery, Red Bay, Franklin County, Alabama, 34.450833,-88.023056
Gober, Francis A.12 Jan 18385 Jan 1920Blacks Creek Cemetery, Madison County, Georgia
Gober, Franklin N.6 Sep 182418 Aug 18641 Aug 1864
Gober, George E.19 Dec 193121 Feb 20171952White Oak Springs Baptist Church Cemetery., Dallas, Georgia
Gober, George F. (Brig. Gen.)23 Sep 191522 Mar 1983
Gober, George Jr.circa 1812
Gober, George W.5 May 1795Nov 188121 Nov 18146 May 1815McWright Cemetery, SW of Kingston, Hunt County, Texas
Gober, George W.25 Oct 182823 Mar 190720 Apr 1861Rocky Point, Leake County, Mississippi
Gober, George W.circa 191716 Jan 19451943
Gober, George W. Jr.22 Jul 18307 Oct 1895
Gober, Gideon J.Sep 189416 Apr 1949Redfield Cemetery, Redfield, Jefferson County, Arkansas
Gober, Green B.Dec 1837
Gober, Henry E.26 Jan 182923 Sep 18648 May 1862
Gober, Isaac E.23 Dec 18761898
Gober, James C.Feb 184625 Feb 1862
Gober, James F.19 Mar 183516 Jan 189224 May 1965Burlington, Montague County, Texas
Gober, James F. Sr.7 Oct 18903 Mar 1966Burnout Cemetery, Red Bay, Franklin County, Alabama, 34.450833,-88.023056
Gober, James H.Aug 1837before 192015 May 1861
Gober, James H.5 Oct 191016 Dec 1980
Gober, James H. Jr.9 May 192523 May 1995Valley View Memorial Park Cemetery, West Valley City, Davis County, Utah
Gober, James J.23 Aug 184012 May 192112 Jun 1861Holt Cemetery, Holt, San Saba County, Texas
Gober, James L.22 Jul 191512 Mar 1995Sunset Memorial Park, 14 #28, Bernalillo County, New Mexico
Gober, James L.31 Oct 19247 May 198319441946
Gober, James R. (Ret. Col.)10 Jun 192714 Jan 2008
Gober, James W.19 Apr 189629 May 1971Union Ridge Cemetery, Drew County, Arkansas
Gober, Jasper E.Jun 18421 Oct 19201862City Cemetery, Brownwood, Brown County, Texas
Gober, Johncirca 1736before Jul 18189 Jul 1755
Gober, John A.19 Oct 184327 Apr 192325 Feb 1862Redfield Cemetery, Redfield, Jefferson County, Arkansas
Gober, John D.1834
Gober, John E.circa 18181865
Gober, John H.between 1941 and 1942
Gober, John H.circa 192520 May 1996Brown Cemetery, near Beirne, Clark County, Arkansas
Gober, Joseph E. Jr.30 Aug 192617 Feb 1943May 1942
Gober, Julius J.184026 Jul 1862Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton Independent City, Virginia
Gober, Leonard E.11 Mar 193319 Aug 1986Memorial Gardens, Springfield, TennesseeServed in Vietnam
Gober, Levi H.14 Jun 18361911
Gober, Lewis J.18 May 182127 Mar 1907Magnolia Cemetery, Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas
Gober, Lisbon J.22 May 192219 Oct 1989Quantico National Cemetery, Quantico, Prince William County, VirginiaHe was drafted
Gober, Lonzo M.23 Nov 191519421946Benbrook, Texas
Gober, Lowman E. (Col.) M.D.1 Sep 193720 Dec 19991968Holt Cemetery, Holt, San Saba County, Texas
Gober, Marcus C.Apr 18981961Memorial Cemetery, Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee
Gober, Marion C.17 Nov 183618 Oct 1862
Gober, Marion F. P.24 Jul 18413 Apr 1898Rose Hill Cemetery, Tulia, Swisher County, Texas
Gober, Marvin28 Dec 189122 Dec 1970Sand Flat Cemetery, Van Zandt County, Texas
Gober, Newton N. M.D.1 Dec 183625 May 19121861Citizens Cemetery, Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia
Gober, Oliver Q.7 Dec 19254 Oct 1995Resthaven Memorial Park, Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma
Gober, Pinckney A.15 Dec 184424 Mar 1910Rose Hill Cemetery, 1604 C Street Southeast, Ardmore, Carter County, Oklahoma, 73401, 34.14530, -97.13560
Gober, Richard C.30 May 19567 Aug 1995Swain Mountain Cemetery, Hunstville, Madison County, Arkansas, 72740
Gober, Robert H.circa 180910 Mar 18551836
Gober, Ronald B.17 Mar 194714 Sep 19671966
Gober, Stephen N.May 1835after 1920
Gober, Stewart1900after 1963
Gober, Thomas H.21 Apr 184112 Apr 1905
Gober, Troy L.21 Oct 191316 Mar 19871943
Gober, Warren R.8 Nov 193322 Mar 1993Kent-Forest Lawn Cemetery, Bay County, FloridaSMSGT US Air Force, Korea, Vietnam.
Gober, Wesley A.18 Oct 181813 Jul 1862City Cemetery Sec A, Watkinsville, Oconee County, GeorgiaClarke Co. Rifles.
Gober, Wilbur21 Mar 192224 Sep 1944Nashville National Cemetery, Madison, Davidson County, TennesseeWas awarded the Silver Star
Gober, William A.26 Jan 1829
Gober, William C.14 Oct 182123 Nov 1912Holt Cemetery, Holt, San Saba County, Texas
Gober, William C.circa 183525 Aug 186127 May 1861
Gober, William D.3 Jul 184723 Aug 1926Thomastown, Leake County, Mississippi
Gober, William F.circa 1840
Gober, William H.circa 182116 Oct 1893
Gober, William H.circa 184225 Feb 1862
Gober, William II1744Apr 1826William is listed as inactive duty Second Batallion First Company private third Class. There is also a duplicate record for a William Goben as being on active duty. There is no proof that this is our William II but the time line fits.
Gober, William J.21 Aug 18239 Aug 1879Gober Cemetery, Gober Road, North of Hwy 29, between Rockbridge Road and DeKalb County line., Lilburn, Gwinnett County, Georgia, 33.889444,-84.178889
Gober, William M.11 Aug 184310 Jan 1925Dec 1862Apr 1865Holt Cemetery, Holt, San Saba County, Texas
Gober, William P.11 Aug 183115 Aug 1864
Gober, William P.28 Jul 191724 Jan 2014Floral Hills Memorial Gardens, Carl Leggett Road, Gulfport, Mississippi
Gober, William R.circa 1829before 1880
Gober, William R.19 Dec 1841circa 192415 May 1861
Gober, William T.24 Mar 192930 Oct 1994Center Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Counce, Hardin County, Tennessee
Gober, William V.Mar 1895Aug 1948Veterans National Cemetery, Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee
Gober, Young W.10 May 18404 May 1871
Haley, John B.18321862
Hodges, John W. W.circa 18331861
Holcombe, Thomas L.Apr 1970Crestview Memorial Cemetery, Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas
Hopkins, William F. Jr.24 Sep 192717 Aug 1947He enlisted when he was about 16 years of age.
Hubbard, William17977 Jul 1872
Huston, Quentin28 Oct 191820 Jun 1944
Johnston, Ethel H.Jun 18871958Paris, Lamar County, Texas
Johnston, William H.Sep 1891Jan 1934Percilla Evergreen Cemetery, Houston County, Texas
Jones, Herman E.5 Nov 190519421945
Jones, Melvin L.12 Dec 1924Jan 1988Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Near Nolanville, Bell County, Texas
Jones, Royce A. Sr.2 Apr 19155 Sep 1991Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Near Nolanville, Bell County, Texas
Keener, Prentis T.21 Aug 19173 Jul 1980Falfurrias, Brooks County, Texas
Kirkman, James U. (Judge) Sr.10 Jul 188811 Jan 1955
Lewis, Al R.28 Apr 194824 May 1968
Liddell, James M. II16 Jul 18339 Sep 1915Rock Springs Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia
Lord, Marion K. L.19 Aug 19412 Feb 2006He did 5 tours in the Vietnam war. He was a Master Sargeant in the Army, retired and a retired Florida Hwy Patrolman
Loyd, Mack W.28 Nov 183831 Jul 1905Duncan Cemetery, Sallisaw, Sequoyah County, Oklahoma
Markey, Claude M.26 Jun 189428 Sep 1969South Park Cemetery, Harris County, Texas
McDaniel, Ralph3 Oct 192417 Nov 1944Camden, Madison County, Mississippi
McLerran, Edward R. Sr.5 May 191927 Nov 1983Jourdanton, Atascosa County, Texas
Murray, Thomas F.10 Sep 192028 Mar 19911941Grove Hill Cemetery, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
Neal, William F.19 Jan 17956 May 18751 Sep 1813Neal Family Cemetery, Franklin County, Georgia
Nicholson, Claude O.2 Sep 189112 Oct 1918
Pearson, Teddy L.20 Mar 195518 Jan 1984Farmington, San Jaun County, New Mexico
Peterson, Robert B.8 Sep 191910 May 1969
Phillips, Dennis W.1 Aug 1834191718621865
Phillips, James C. C.26 Jul 18361863
Phillips, John R.2 Jun 18401862
Phillips, Thomas C.30 May 18271912
Phillips, Wilburn19 Jan 1831190218631865
Phillips, Wiley F.2 Oct 18381862
Pitchford, David L.184020 Sep 1863Pine Springs Cemetery, Sulligent, Lamar County, Alabama
Pitchford, John W.184320 Jan 1862Pine Springs Cemetery, Sulligent, Lamar County, Alabama
Pitchford, Lewis18 Feb 181411 Nov 1863Mossy Creek Methodist Church Cemetery, White County, Georgia
Pitchford, Nathaniel18515 Feb 1865Cemetery, Camp Chase, Ohio
Pitchford, William M.183721 Jan 1862Pine Springs Cemetery, Sulligent, Lamar County, Alabama
Reid, A. M.1 Nov 19181944
Robbins, Joseph C.29 Aug 18897 Mar 1931Breckenridge, Stephens County, Texas
Rowell, Harold G.1922
Rowell, William K.10 Nov 194225 Aug 1968
Royston, Solomon W.18321901
Saloom, Charles A.27 Sep 189527 Aug 1966Served in the Army durring WWI. 4076105.
Schafer, Arthur L.21 Oct 18872 Mar 1962
Self, James F.10 Jul 19268 Mar 2004
Shipp, Francis M.22 Mar 18413 Sep 1907
Smith, Alvin B.27 Jul 18996 Jul 197919181919
Smith, David L.8 Dec 19408 Sep 1981
Sturm, Merle E.14 Sep 19243 Nov 19671965
Thompson, William H.12 Nov 193012 Feb 1998Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennessee
Villadsen, James A.21 Nov 191419 Sep 19941942Elmwood Cemetery Blk. 31, Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama
Villadsen, Peter L.23 Jul 192021 Dec 1950Elmwood Cemetery Blk. 31, Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama
Vinyard, Lewis A.4 Aug 184418 Feb 1926Pyles Cemetery #2, Hardin County, Illinois
Vinyard, Thomas J.10 Jul 183815 Apr 1929Vinyard Cemetery # 1, Hardin County, Illinois
Vinyard, Thomas W.2 Jan 189527 Nov 1918Vinyard Cemetery # 1, Hardin County, Illinois
Waldrup, Leland W.12 Feb 194319961960
Wicker, Clabe B.9 Jan 19191991
Wilkinson, Samuel E.6 Apr 19251 Dec 1969Falfurrias, Brooks County, Texas
Willcoxon, John16 May 18405 Apr 1918Jun 1861
Winstead, Cecil J.1 Jan 19199 Sep 1995Floral Hills Memory Gardens, Pearl, Rankin County, Mississippi