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Taken at 1958 Gober family reunion Oak Ridge Alabama
Unidentified Family 1958 Gober Family Reunion
Asa A. Gober. Cannot match dates or relatives
Who is Wade White?
Old Gober Plantation Cemetery Commerce Georgia
Lisbon McPherson Gober c.1913. Who is man on left?
Vernon Hugo Gober (front cernter), Dorothy Ann Gober (front left), Myra Ruth Gober (back right)
Name on back of photo are Charles Lee, Eliz Smith, Nellie, RA Gober Malinda, RA Jr, Kate Smith. Looking for relationships and verificatiion.
Photo lableled Tuscaloosa St. Can you identify?
Ernestine, Jessie, Birdie, Mackie, Jewel Dean Gober Probably late 1940.Who is Jewel Dean?
Daniel Salum 1945 at age one. Argentina.
Unknown Gober Reunion
Unknown Gober Reunion

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