People last edited
26 September 2017
(?), unknown
Bouchillon, Thomas Elree
Duff, Lee Potter
Gober, Alice Carol
Gober, Joel Linford  b. 29 Aug 1884, d. 19 Jun 1950
Gober, John Davis  b. 29 Sep 1924, d. 9 Jul 2005
Gober, Pearlene  b. Apr 1923, d. Feb 2008
Gober, Vickie Aileen
Johnson, Florence  b. 9 Aug 1894, d. 15 Sep 1945
Smitherman, Aileen  b. 31 Mar 1931, d. 5 Mar 2006
Waugh, (?)
12 September 2017
Gober, Hershel Wayne
11 September 2017
Gober, Charles Ray
Grimm, Anthony
Zinn, Matthew Scott
10 September 2017
Anthony, Luvinia Josephine  b. 29 Apr 1870, d. 5 Feb 1936
Bowlin, Ollie Wanda
Carroll, Patricia Jane
Doyle, Thomas Arthur
Gober, Jessie
Gober, John Thomas Jr.  b. 1 Jul 1888, d. 14 Feb 1946
Lee, Madge Irene  b. 25 Nov 1913, d. 28 Dec 1996
Moreau, Leonard O.
Reichard, Albert Dedrick  b. 19 Aug 1912, d. 6 Nov 1995
9 September 2017
Ames, Jeffery Joseph  b. 1 Oct 1957, d. 2014
Ames, Russell Joseph
Caldwell, Ruth Frances  b. 4 Nov 1926, d. 2007
Davick, Ron
Gober, Basel Laron  b. 24 Aug 1931, d. 26 Oct 2005
Gober, Karen Patricia
Gober, Lisbon Jacqualine  b. 22 May 1922, d. 19 Oct 1989
Gober, Lyn Marie
Gober, Michael Laron
Gober, Theresa Irene
Gober, Wesley Michael
Gober, William Glen  b. 17 Nov 1938, d. 14 Jul 2017
8 September 2017
(?), Sandra
Gober, Garda McPherson
Gober, Howard Mcpherson
Gober, Joshua Marcus
Gober, Lula Marie  b. 29 Nov 1920, d. 7 Jan 2017
Pulliam, Jonathon Carl
Saloom, Raymond Jr.  d. 7 Jul 2017
Vaughn, Crystal
7 September 2017
Gober, Mabel Loy  b. 23 Mar 1919, d. 17 Dec 2016
Gober, Walter Parks  b. 18 Jul 1875, d. 14 May 1967
Hardman, Mary Minerva  b. 1 Sep 1877, d. 20 Apr 1971
Powell, Dwaine Gober  b. 1947
Powell, Joyce Alene  b. 1944
Powell, Thomas Jackson  d. 19 Apr 1951
31 December 2016
Campbell, Denise Ann
Gober, Emma Grace
30 December 2016
Cavallaro, Christina
Elliott, Pierre Kelly
Savoie, Matthew Lloyd
Stuckey, Dawn
28 December 2016
Elliott, Ashley Dawn
Elliott, Blaine
Elliott, Chase
Hook, Joshua
Hook, Tom
Mahoney, LeeAnn
Pauls, (?)
Pauls, McKenzie
Quick, Chris
Quick, Emily
Quick, Gavin
Redman, Makayla Ann
Redman, Mark
Savoie, Kaitlyn
Savoie, Lindsey Ann
Savoie, Steven James
Savoie, Teegaen
Savoie, Tuesdae
Stuckey, Eric Scott
Stuckey, Hilary
Stuckey, Larissa N.
Stuckey, Paul Marcus
Williams, Sheryl
27 December 2016
Hill, Jennifer Dawn
Hill, Jim Dale
Hill-Zimmer, Jordan Dakota
Stuckey, Roxanne
Zimmer, Jaisen Lukas
Zimmer, Jasmyn Lucille Colleen
Zimmer, John Lewis III
Zimmer, Joseph Levi
Zimmer, Joshua Lee
25 December 2016
(?), Nazomi
Alemon, Antonio
Alemon, Raymond
Hernandez, Gina
Poth, Austin Michael
Poth, Jacklyn Rene
Poth, Jacob Ewald
Poth, Jerome Ewald
Poth, Rhonda Joyce
Sauls, Earl Van
Tubbs, Thomas Robert
Vincent, William

Living people being removed from pages

Starting Oct 1, 2015 anyone who is living will slowly be removed fom the web pages. The world has changed and in order to reduce the possibility of this data being used against those people who's names appear here I am regretfully turning this sight into an historic only site. So far I have heard of no occurrences of foul play but the time has come for a change.  Updates will still be maintained and accepted for living people but they will not appear online.  In addition, even though email addresses are masked from spammers, I will be slowly removing them from the web.  If you wish to keep or remove your email information or names on the source pages please let me know.  I will try to accomodate you the best I can.