Carolyn Bell

     Carolyn Bell married James Roland Gunter, son of Brian Raz Gunter and Helen Mabry Bramlett, in August 1957 at Bastrop, Morehouse Parish, Louisiana.

Charles Bell

     Charles Bell married Ethel Dee Gober, daughter of James Lewis Gober and Frances Emmaline Draper.

Child of Charles Bell and Ethel Dee Gober

Debra Denise Bell

     Debra Denise Bell married Virgil Dan Baldwin, son of Virgil Wylie Baldwin and Nettie Lovina Rowell, on 23 January 1972 at Potter County, Texas.

Donald Bell I

     Donald Bell I is the son of James Donald Bell and _____ _________. Donald Bell I married _____ _________.

Child of Donald Bell I and _____ _________

Donald Bell II

     Donald Bell II is the son of Donald Bell I and _____ _________.

Dorothy Sterling Bell

     Dorothy Sterling Bell married John Uley Gober, son of James William Gober and Talitha Jane Holbrook.

Dwayne Bell

     Dwayne Bell married Angela Rutledge, daughter of Harlo Steve Rutledge and Patricia Lea Cummings, on 8 May 1989 at Dacus, Montgomery County, Texas.

Emma Bell

b. 24 February 1879
     Her married name was Price. Emma Bell was born on 24 February 1879 at Kentucky. She married Vernon Gober Price, son of William Dixon Price and Margaret Jane Gober, on 28 November 1900 at Dalton, Kentucky.

Child of Emma Bell and Vernon Gober Price

Estelle Bell

     Estelle Bell married Lewis Gober Hines, son of Wilburn Henry Hines and Margaret Viola Gober, on 20 June 1936 at Madison County, Mississippi.

Etta Bell

     Etta Bell married John Tyer Jr., son of John Tyer Sr. and Rufina Vinyard.

Frances Jane Bell1

b. circa 1835, d. 1893
     Her married name was Gober. Frances Jane Bell was born circa 1835. She married Fletcher Sanford Gober, son of Henry J. Gober and Mary Shankle, on 27 December 1853 at Jackson County, Georgia. Frances Jane Bell was buried at Woodbine Cemetery, Jackson County, Georgia. She died in 1893.


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Fred Grover Bell

b. 14 September 1884
     Fred Grover Bell was born on 14 September 1884. He married Minnie Warwick, daughter of Daniel Newton Warwick and Lucinda Jane Palmer.

Georgia Viola Bell

     Georgia Viola Bell married Elijah Marvin Lathem, son of William Asbury Lathem and Arizona L. Davis, on 28 December 1906.

J. H. Bell

     J. H. Bell married Sophronia? Gober, daughter of Wiley Gober and _____ _________, on 14 August 1851 at Cherokee County, Georgia.

Jack Franklin Bell

     Jack Franklin Bell married Cynthia Kay Pierce, daughter of Harold Pierce and Mary Charlene Williamson, on 25 May 1984. Jack Franklin Bell and Cynthia Kay Pierce were divorced.

James Donald Bell

     James Donald Bell is the son of Charles Bell and Ethel Dee Gober. James Donald Bell married _____ _________.

Children of James Donald Bell and _____ _________

John B. Bell

b. circa 1895
     John B. Bell was born circa 1895 at Texas. He married Anna C. Gober, daughter of Jefferson D. Gober M.D. and Anna B. Caldwell.

Sonya Deann Bell

     Sonya Deann Bell is the daughter of Terry Duane Bell and Esther Ruth Carroll.

Susan Bell

     Susan Bell is the daughter of James Donald Bell and _____ _________.

Terry Duane Bell

     Terry Duane Bell married Esther Ruth Carroll, daughter of William Monroe Carroll and Lorain Gober Keener, on 4 September 1978 at Corinth Baptist Church, Mesquite, Dallas County, Texas.

Children of Terry Duane Bell and Esther Ruth Carroll

Tom Bell

     Tom Bell married Janet Marie Gober, daughter of Willard Donald Gober and Janie Wilkins.

William Herbert Bell

b. 1881, d. 1967
     William Herbert Bell was born in 1881. He married Bertie Warwick, daughter of Daniel Newton Warwick and Lucinda Jane Palmer. William Herbert Bell died in 1967.

Emma T. Bellamy

b. 14 May 1890, d. 8 May 1954
     Emma T. Bellamy was born on 14 May 1890. She was the daughter of James W. Bellamy and Sarah Emma Neal. Her married name was Varner. Emma T. Bellamy married James Edgar Varner. Emma T. Bellamy died on 8 May 1954 at age 63.

James Marvin Bellamy

b. 3 June 1886, d. 16 September 1968
     James Marvin Bellamy was born on 3 June 1886. He was the son of James W. Bellamy and Sarah Emma Neal. James Marvin Bellamy married Stella Dillard on 3 June 1944. They had no children. James Marvin Bellamy died on 16 September 1968 at age 82.

James W. Bellamy

b. 16 December 1862, d. 27 December 1938
     James W. Bellamy was born on 16 December 1862. He married Sarah Emma Neal, daughter of Thomas Newton Neal and Sarah Emma Shannon, on 9 September 1885 at Banks County, Georgia. James W. Bellamy died on 27 December 1938 at age 76.

Katherine Bellamy

     Katherine Bellamy is the daughter of Thomas Lee Bellamy and Bessie Beatrice Varner. Katherine Bellamy married Frank Phillips.

Thomas Lee Bellamy

b. 28 February 1889, d. 21 January 1967
     Thomas Lee Bellamy was born on 28 February 1889. He was the son of James W. Bellamy and Sarah Emma Neal. Thomas Lee Bellamy married Bessie Beatrice Varner. Thomas Lee Bellamy died on 21 January 1967 at age 77. He was buried at Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery, Franklin County, Georgia.

Child of Thomas Lee Bellamy and Bessie Beatrice Varner

Betsey A Bellenger1

b. 1810, d. between 1830 and 1910
     Betsey A Bellenger BIRTH:sewell.FTW, sewell.FTW DEATH:sewell.FTW, sewell.FTW. She was born in 1810. She died between 1830 and 1910.


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Dee Dee Bellew

     Dee Dee Bellew is the daughter of _____ Bellew and Gloria Stoyle.

Shannon Bellew

     Shannon Bellew is the daughter of _____ Bellew and Gloria Stoyle.

_____ Bellew

     _____ Bellew married Gloria Stoyle, daughter of Gerald Stoyle and Blanche Elm Graham. _____ Bellew and Gloria Stoyle were divorced.

Children of _____ Bellew and Gloria Stoyle

Clara Agnes Bellomy

b. 10 August 1918, d. 27 October 2002
     Clara Agnes Bellomy was buried at Gober Family Plot at the Throckmorton TX City Cemetery, Throckmorton, Texas.1 She was born on 10 August 1918. Her married name was Gober. She married Bruce Bull Gober, son of George Thomas Gober Sr. and Elfleda Maud Morgan, on 16 June 1936 at Graham, Young County, Texas. Clara Agnes Bellomy died on 27 October 2002 at age 84.1

Child of Clara Agnes Bellomy and Bruce Bull Gober


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Michael Thomas Belshe I

     Michael Thomas Belshe I married Patricia Ann Waldrup, daughter of Leland Waldrup and D'Willow Eudora Gober. Michael Thomas Belshe I adopted Shona Lee Longoria.

Children of Michael Thomas Belshe I and Patricia Ann Waldrup

Michael Thomas Belshe II

     Michael Thomas Belshe II is the son of Michael Thomas Belshe I and Patricia Ann Waldrup.

Sarah Ann Belshe

     Sarah Ann Belshe is the daughter of Michael Thomas Belshe I and Patricia Ann Waldrup.

Maria Angeles Beltran

     Maria Angeles Beltran married an unknown person. She married Michael Laron Gober, son of Basel Laron Gober and Patricia Ann Ingalls, on 26 May 1990 at El Segundo, Los Angeles County, California.

Child of Maria Angeles Beltran and Michael Laron Gober

Ellaine Belvin

     Ellaine Belvin married James Harris Mize, son of John Henry Mize and Burma Hutcherson.

Children of Ellaine Belvin and James Harris Mize

Rhonda Gayle Bennet1

     Rhonda Gayle Bennet married Roger Eugene Gober, son of John Dee Gober Jr. and Lena Juanama Strickland, in June 1989 at Paradise, Wise County, Texas.


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(?) Bennett

     (?) Bennett married Martha Sproles, daughter of (?) Sproles and Mary Polly Pankey.

Charles Allen Bennett

     Charles Allen Bennett married Alma Lee Lowe, daughter of Lloyd Oran Lowe and Ola Bell Willis, after 1970.

H. Missouri Bennett

b. 15 November 1863, d. 28 May 1900
     H. Missouri Bennett also went by the name of Zurie. She was born on 15 November 1863 at Union County, Mississippi.1 Her married name was Gober. She married Jefferson Davis Gober, son of William Harrison Gober and Nancy S. Morgan, on 6 October 1880 at Union County, Mississippi; They were married at the home of her parents by Reverend Samuel Agnew.1 H. Missouri Bennett died on 28 May 1900 at Fordyce, Dallas County, Arkansas, at age 36.1


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Lizzie Bennett

     Lizzie Bennett married William P. Gober, son of John Wesley Gober and Mary Ann Camp, on 23 December 1877.

Robert Wesley Bennett

     Robert Wesley Bennett married Claudia Glenn Jordan, daughter of James Joshua Jordan and George Emma Dobbs, in 1922.

Smith Bennett

     Smith Bennett married Callie Lucinda Gober, daughter of Lisbon Failes Gober and Lydia Clementine Maness.

Swan Bennett

     Swan Bennett married Eva Mae Brockman, daughter of James Patterson Brockman and Sarah Ann Elizabeth Gober.

_____ Bennett

     _____ Bennett married Rachel E. Tyer, daughter of John Tyer Sr. and Rufina Vinyard.

Cheryl Ann Benson

     Cheryl Ann Benson married Robert Leslie Sayer, son of Robert M. Sayer and Flora Irene Gober, on 28 July 1978 at Sunfield, Eaton County, Michigan.

James Benson

     James Benson married Sally Patricia Gober, daughter of James Edward Gober and Bertha Beatrice Tullos.

Milton R. Benson

     Milton R. Benson married Talula Gober, daughter of Green Berry Gober and Margaret DeMons, on 29 November 1885 at Cherokee County, Georgia.

Orpha Ruth Benson

     Orpha Ruth Benson married Vernon Hugo Gober, son of Victor Hugo Gober and Mattie Naomi Owen, on 16 August 1961 at Florence, Lauderdale County, Alabama.