Michelle _________

     Michelle _________ married Michael Mascarello, son of Peter Mascarello and Elaine Miller.

Child of Michelle _________ and Michael Mascarello

Middie/Mittie _________

     Her married name was Allen. Middie/Mittie _________ married John S. Allen, son of Eugene F. Allen and Mary Elizabeth Gober.

Child of Middie/Mittie _________ and John S. Allen


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Mildred _________

     Mildred _________ married Ruel Richard Gober, son of William Richard Gober and Missouri Griffin.

Children of Mildred _________ and Ruel Richard Gober

Minnie E. _________

b. 1881, d. 1955
     Minnie E. _________ was born in 1881. She married Jessie Shipp, son of Francis M. Shipp and Sarah E. Vinyard. Her married name was Shipp. Minnie E. _________ was buried at Peters Creek Cemetery, Hardin County, Illinois. She died in 1955.

Minnie Faye _________

     Minnie Faye _________ married Bobbie Joe Halford, son of Owen Jasper Halford and Annie Ruth Rister.

Mollie _________

     Her married name was Gober. Mollie _________ married James Clayton Gober, son of Henry Warren Gober and Zelo Altom.

Child of Mollie _________ and James Clayton Gober

Nancy _________

     Nancy _________ married Donald Gober, son of Dewey Lee Franklin Gober and Maggie Lou Lemon.

Children of Nancy _________ and Donald Gober

Nancy _________

     Nancy _________ married Jimmy Mabry, son of Sam Mabry and Pauletta Christine Emerson.

Nancy _________

     Nancy _________ married Paul Marcus Stuckey, son of P. D. Stuckey and Ora Lucille Gober.

Nancy _________

b. circa 1845
     Nancy _________ was born circa 1845 at Georgia. Her married name was Sewell. She married Angus Sewell, son of John E. Sewell and Permelia Gober, at Georgia.

Child of Nancy _________ and Angus Sewell

Nancy _________

     Nancy _________ married Mark Ledbetter, son of Robert Marcellus Ledbetter and Helen _________.

Nancy _________

     Nancy _________ married Kenneth Ledbetter, son of Charles Ledbetter and Lorene Wiggins.

Children of Nancy _________ and Kenneth Ledbetter

Nancy A. _________

b. 1846
     Nancy A. _________ was born in 1846. She married Josiah E. Taylor, son of Redden P. Taylor and Lucinda Gober. Her married name was Taylor.

Children of Nancy A. _________ and Josiah E. Taylor

Nancy A. _________

b. 30 June 1867, d. 16 August 1884
     Nancy A. _________ was born on 30 June 1867. She married John Oliver Vinyard, son of Anderson Andrew Vinyard Sr. and Emalina M. Patton. Her married name was Vinyard. Nancy A. _________ died on 16 August 1884 at age 17.

Nannie _________

b. 1854, d. 1945
     Nannie _________ was born in 1854. She married Daniel C. Pitchford, son of Daniel Paul Pitchford and Eliza Caroline Dorsey. Her married name was Pitchford. Nannie _________ died in 1945.

Nannie _________1

b. October 1867
     Nannie _________ was born in October 1867 at Tennessee. Her married name was Gober. She married Daniel C. Gober, son of William R. Gober and Permelia Ann Patterson.

Children of Nannie _________ and Daniel C. Gober


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Nellie B. _________

     Her married name was Shewmaker. Nellie B. _________ married Thomas F. Shewmaker, son of J. Frank Shewmaker and Eliza C. Vinyard.

Nettie Lou _________

     Her married name was Alexander. Nettie Lou _________ married William Alexander, son of Rev. William Thomas Alexander and Lillie Clementine Gober, on 28 November 1980.

Nettie Mae _________

     Nettie Mae _________ married Naman Hardman, son of George Naman Hardman and Mary Isabelle Maupin.

Children of Nettie Mae _________ and Naman Hardman

Noleta Fay _________

     Noleta Fay _________ also went by the name of Nola. She married Jasper Amos James, son of Morgan Greenleaf James and Mary Elizabeth Gober, in 1914. Her married name was James.

Child of Noleta Fay _________ and Jasper Amos James

Norma _________

     Norma _________ married David Arval Garnet Woods, son of David Orval Woods and Margrette Francine Lane.

Nota B. _________

b. 3 August 1899, d. 8 December 1989
     Nota B. _________ was born on 3 August 1899. She married Rene Maxwell Tolbert, son of Albert Walter Tolbert and Sallie Effie Lee Gober. Her married name was Tolbert. Nota B. _________ died on 8 December 1989 at age 90.

Child of Nota B. _________ and Rene Maxwell Tolbert

Nylice _________

     Nylice _________ married George Huddleston Cureton, son of Robert LaFayette Cureton II and Virgie Ella Gober.

Ola _________1,2

b. March 1878
     Ola _________ was born in March 1878. She married Robert Lee Gober, son of James Clayton Gober and Mary Elizabeth Cousins. Her married name was Gober.

Children of Ola _________ and Robert Lee Gober


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Pam _________

     Pam _________ married Ronald Clay Gober, son of Arthur Woodrow Gober and Joyce Audrey Orn.

Child of Pam _________ and Ronald Clay Gober

Pamela _________

     Pamela _________ married Weldon Lynn Craig, son of R. J. Craig and Alma Lee Lowe, on 28 May 1987. Pamela _________ and Weldon Lynn Craig were divorced.

Children of Pamela _________ and Weldon Lynn Craig

Pat _________

     Pat _________ married Frank Harden, son of Arlen Harden and Ethel Andrews. They had children, no information.

Pat _________

     Her married name was Farnsworth. Pat _________ married Wilburn Farnsworth, son of James Robert Farnsworth and Mary Malinda Ballard.

Patricia _________

     Patricia _________ married Al Rickey Lewis, son of Willie Richardson Lewis and Bettye Owens, in 1965.

Child of Patricia _________ and Al Rickey Lewis

Patricia _________

     Patricia _________ married Robert P. Redlark, son of Robert Redlark and Thetna Sue Sutton, in February 1989 at South Haven, Porter County, Indiana.

Child of Patricia _________ and Robert P. Redlark

Patricia _________

     Patricia _________ married Donnie Ray Greene, son of Raymond Greene and Lovella May Gober.

Patricia Faye _________

     Patricia Faye _________ married Judge Terry Lynn Pearson, son of Elvin T. C. Pearson and Kathryn Ann Herring, on 3 July 1971 at Farmington, San Juan County, New Mexico.

Children of Patricia Faye _________ and Judge Terry Lynn Pearson

Peggy _________

     Peggy _________ married Edward Thomas Yost, son of Foy Lee Yost and Natalie Ruth Hine?.

R. H. _________

     R. H. _________ married Michael Lynn McKay, son of Richard Harold McKay and Bonnie June Yates.

Rachel C _________

b. circa 1834
     Rachel C _________ was born circa 1834 at Georgia. Her married name was Butler. She married William L. Butler, son of Alfred P. Butler and Christian Catherine Gober, at Georgia.

Child of Rachel C _________ and William L. Butler

Raye _________

     Raye _________ married Anthony Thornton, son of Ronald L. Thornton and Margie Lee Gober.

Rita _________

     Rita _________ married James A. Curtis Sr., son of James Cecil Curtis and Dimple Giles.

Children of Rita _________ and James A. Curtis Sr.

Robin _________

     Robin _________ married James Edward Brunson, son of Frank Brunson and Mary Pauline Ezell.

Child of Robin _________ and James Edward Brunson

Robin Rae _________

     Robin Rae _________ is the daughter of Chris _________ and Rae Ellis Mills.

Rolie _________

b. circa 1878
     Rolie _________ was born circa 1878 at Georgia. She married Harris C. Gober, son of David C. Gober and Margaret L. _________. Her married name was Gober.

Rose _________

     Rose _________ married Macel Gowan Frazier, son of Thomas William Frazier and Lillie Chunn.

Rosemary _________

     Rosemary _________ married James Anthony Gober, son of James Vincent Gober and Myrtle Jeanette Tatum.

Ruby _________

     Her married name was Gober. Ruby _________ married Hillard King Gober, son of Richard Edward Gober and Tempie Louise Smith.

Ruby _________

     Her married name was Kemp. Ruby _________ married Robert Kemp, son of William J. Kemp and Pearler Burch, on 18 September 1943.

Ruby A. _________

b. circa 1880, d. 7 February 1923
     Ruby A. _________ was born circa 1880 at Texas. She married Wade Hampton Gober, son of James Bascom Gober and Mary Ann Glass. Her married name was Gober. Ruby A. _________ died on 7 February 1923 at Wichita County, Texas.

Child of Ruby A. _________ and Wade Hampton Gober

Ruth _________1

b. circa 1883
     Ruth _________ was born circa 1883 at Colorado. She married an unknown person. Her married name was Mullican. She married Robert Lee Gober, son of James Clayton Gober and Mary Elizabeth Cousins. Her married name was Gober.

Children of Ruth _________ and Robert Lee Gober


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Ruth _________

     Ruth _________ married Burley F. Slaton, son of Preston Henry Slaton and Luna N. Cook.

Children of Ruth _________ and Burley F. Slaton

Sandra _________

     Sandra _________ married John Lewis Farley, son of Gordon Farley Jr. and Sharon Lewis, in 1984.

Sandra _________

     Sandra _________ married Charles Crawford, son of Carl Crawford and Minnie Ruth Drain.

Child of Sandra _________ and Charles Crawford