Beth _________

     Beth _________ married David Andrew Smith, son of H. L. Smith and Hylma Jane Wagnon, on 10 November 1992.

Beth _________

     Beth _________ married an unknown person. She married James Edward Gober, son of Joseph Walter Gober and Elva Daughten, on 28 June 1985.

Child of Beth _________ and James Edward Gober

Beth _________

     Beth _________ married David Sanders, son of _____ Sanders and Jacqueline Irene Middleswart.

Betty _________

     Betty _________ married Joe David Keller, son of Joseph Jackson Keller and Mildred Evelyn Seagrove.

Children of Betty _________ and Joe David Keller

Betty _________

     Her married name was Gober. Betty _________ married Jerald Robert Gober, son of Asberry Webb Gober and Irene Sachs.

Betty Sue _________

     Betty Sue _________ married Robert Louis Gober, son of William Thomas Gober and Lucille Ray.

Children of Betty Sue _________ and Robert Louis Gober

Bobbie _________

     Bobbie _________ married Ralph Payton, son of James William Payton and Ruby Estelle Bramlett. Bobbie _________ and Ralph Payton were divorced.

Bonnie _________

     Her married name was Gober. Bonnie _________ married Noah Steve Gober, son of John William Gober and Elizabeth Marguerite Wheeler. Bonnie _________ and Noah Steve Gober were divorced.

Child of Bonnie _________ and Noah Steve Gober

Bonnie _________

     Bonnie _________ married Randall Sellers, son of Bennie Sellers and Billye Jo Gober.

Child of Bonnie _________ and Randall Sellers

  • Mark Sellers

Brenda _________

     Brenda _________ married Jimmy Lynn Womble, son of Joe Womble and Betty Sue Yost.

Brenda _________

     Brenda _________ married Donnie Ray Greene, son of Raymond Greene and Lovella May Gober.

Children of Brenda _________ and Donnie Ray Greene

Brenda _________

     Brenda _________ married Reginald Daniels Cumberland, son of Clelon Cumberland and Martha Fae Daniels.

Brenda _________

     Brenda _________ married Stancil Gober, son of Carnie Verl Gober and Thelma L. Brown.

Caren _________

     Caren _________ married Jay Gober, son of Stanley R. Gober and Fay _________.

Carla _________

     Carla _________ married Donald Tull Gober, son of Tull Gober and Bernice Aline Long, on 2 May 1998 according to note from Esther Smith Gober.

Carlene _________

     Carlene _________ married James Blankenship, son of Orange Blankenship and Lovella May Gober.

Carlina _________

     Carlina _________ married Clyde Johnson Gober Sr., son of John Young Gober and Leila Johnson, on 28 January 1961.

Carmon _________

     Carmon _________ married Thomas Earle Gober, son of George Thomas Gober Jr. and Avis Oats.

Carol _________

     Carol _________ married Winfred Gober, son of Dewey Lee Franklin Gober and Maggie Lou Lemon.

Carol _________

     Carol _________ married James Lenard Young, son of Ronald Woodrow Young and Wanda Jean Johnson.

Carolyn _________

b. circa 1842
     Carolyn _________ was born circa 1842 at Georgia. Her married name was Sewell. She married William M. Sewell, son of John E. Sewell and Permelia Gober.

Children of Carolyn _________ and William M. Sewell

Casira E. _________

b. May 1863
     Casira E. _________ also went by the name of Kitty. She was born in May 1863 at Kentucky. Her married name was Gober. She married John R. Gober, son of William R. Gober and Permelia Ann Patterson. Casira E. _________ witnessed the adoption of Gussie Monroe Gober before 1900.

Child of Casira E. _________ and John R. Gober

Cathy _________

     Cathy _________ married Theodore Allen Gober, son of Gail Rodney Gober and Barbara Jones, on 14 September 1978.

Child of Cathy _________ and Theodore Allen Gober

Cathy _________

     Cathy _________ married Anderson Ray Gober, son of Anderson Howard Theodore Gober and Bessie Hubbard.

Charlotte _________

     Charlotte _________ married Harry Williamson, son of James Frederick Williamson and Sarah Melissa Morris.

Children of Charlotte _________ and Harry Williamson

Cheryle _________

     Cheryle _________ married Bobby Young, son of Dick Young and Sylvia _________.

Children of Cheryle _________ and Bobby Young

Chris _________

     Chris _________ married Rae Ellis Mills, daughter of Ellis John Mills and Rachel Stuart.

Chrissy _________

     Chrissy _________ married Dwayne Neal Carson, son of Ivan Eustace Carson Jr. and Betty Jean Prather.

Child of Chrissy _________ and Dwayne Neal Carson

Christina _________

     Christina _________ married Steven Arthur Young, son of William Haskell Young and Etajoe Gilliland, at Texas.

Child of Christina _________ and Steven Arthur Young

Christine M _________

     Christine M _________ married John Young Gober III, son of John Young Gober Jr. and Elsie Lottie Scholky. Christine M _________ and John Young Gober III were divorced in 1979.

Children of Christine M _________ and John Young Gober III

Chuck _________

     Chuck _________ is the son of _____ _________ and Donna Couch.

Cindi _________

     Cindi _________ married David Glenn McKay, son of Willie Noel McKay and Rebecca Sue Henegar.

Children of Cindi _________ and David Glenn McKay

Cindy _________

     Cindy _________ married Donald Lloyd Mann, son of Raymond Lloyd Mann and Lillian Fay Voyles.

Clara _________

     Clara _________ married Vurlin Dennis, son of Bruno Cletis Dennis and Onie Ophelia Willis.

Claudia _________

     Claudia _________ married Blair Liddell, son of Noble Foster Liddell and Kitty Lee Blair, in April 1949.

Cleotha _________

     Cleotha _________ married Hugh Hardy Jr., son of Hugh Hardy and Mary Elizabeth Gober.

Children of Cleotha _________ and Hugh Hardy Jr.

Collen _________

     Collen _________ married Douglas Boswell, son of Bill Boswell and Phala Thomas.

Children of Collen _________ and Douglas Boswell

Connie _________

     Connie _________ married Gordon Fuller, son of John Eugene Fuller Jr. and Dorothy _________.

Cora L. _________

     Cora L. _________ married Hugh Cherry Gober, son of Claude E. Gober and Laura Bell Templeton.

Cybil _________

     Cybil _________ married Thurman Rueban Culp, son of John Culp and Mary Gober. Her married name was Culp.

Cynthia _________

b. circa 1834
     Cynthia _________ was born circa 1834 at Georgia. Her married name was Mann. She married John H. W. Mann, son of Jesse Mann and Sarah Gober.

Cynthia Lee Denice _________

     Cynthia Lee Denice _________ is the daughter of _____ _________ and Brenda Sue Gober.

Darien _________

     Darien _________ married Malcolm Ray Eubanks, son of J. T. Eubanks and Estelle Clio Sprayberry, on 5 July 1950 at Albany, Dougherty County, Georgia.

Child of Darien _________ and Malcolm Ray Eubanks

Dau _________

     Dau _________ is the daughter of _____ _________ and Susan Leigh Young.

David _________

     David _________ Do not know which husband is father of David. He is the son of Melissa Moates.

Dawn _________

     Dawn _________ is the daughter of _____ _________ and Jima Gray.

Deborah _________

     Deborah _________ married William Dan Morgan, son of Willie Guy Morgan Sr. and Juanita Essie Taylor.

Children of Deborah _________ and William Dan Morgan

Debra _________

     Debra _________ married Wayne Parrott, son of James Huston Parrott and Odell Gober.

Debra Lou _________

     Debra Lou _________ married an unknown person. She married Victor Ray Fulton, son of Albert Clay Fulton and Gladys L. Gober.

Debra Teresa _________

     Debra Teresa _________ married Darrell Neil Couch Jr., son of Darrell Neil Couch Sr. and Georgia Gober.