Dee _________

b. circa 1890
     Dee _________ was born circa 1890 at Texas. She married Jesse Lee Gober, son of James Bascom Gober and Mary Ann Glass. Her married name was Gober.

Della _________

     Her married name was Hubbard. Della _________ married Henry F. Hubbard, son of John Franklin Hubbard and Martha Ann Vinyard, on 8 May 1902.

Della _________

     Della _________ married Lawson Craddock Gober, son of Lewis C. Gober and America _________, circa 1892.

Delores _________

     Delores _________ married Durwood Dancer, son of Luke Dancer and Lizzie Eloise Carter.

Children of Delores _________ and Durwood Dancer

Denise _________

     Denise _________ married James Timothy Bridges, son of Truman Bridges and Janelle Carson.

Child of Denise _________ and James Timothy Bridges

Diana _________

     Diana _________ married Scott Edward Gober, son of Gail Rodney Gober and Barbara Jones, on 28 February 1977.

Diana _________

     Diana _________ married James Bryan Donahoo, son of James Ray Donahoo and Myrtle Jane Wyatt.

Diana _________

Children of Diana _________ and Robert Glenn Thompson

Diane _________

     Diane _________ married Ricky Wofford, son of Charles Wofford and Fannie Lou Lord.

Diane _________

     Diane _________ married Eddie Bernard Waldrup, son of Leland Waldrup and D'Willow Eudora Gober. Diane _________ and Eddie Bernard Waldrup were divorced.

Children of Diane _________ and Eddie Bernard Waldrup

Diane _________

Dollene _________

     Dollene _________ married Marlin Wayne Pearson, son of Elvin J. D. Pearson and Ruby Ethel Gober.

Donna _________

     Donna _________ married John Arron Hartfield, son of Jack Hartfield and Betty Louise Ezell.

Donna Jo _________

     Donna Jo _________ married Michael Joe Harrison, son of Joe Harrison and Jo Anne Frederick.

Children of Donna Jo _________ and Michael Joe Harrison

Dora _________

b. 1908, d. 14 August 1997
     Dora _________ was born in 1908 at Alvarado, Johnson County, Texas. As of 1927,her married name was Gober. She married Fay Gober, son of Mary Bertie Gober, in 1927 at Texas. Birthorder of children is unknown. Dora _________ was a member of the Penecostal Church. She died on 14 August 1997 at Brownwood, Brown County, Texas. She was buried on 18 August 1997 at Rocky Creek Cemetery, Brownwood, Brown County, Texas.

Dora _________

     Dora _________ married Terry Lee Foster, son of Ted Ingul Foster and Lois Hazel Gober. Dora _________ and Terry Lee Foster were divorced.

Doris _________

     Doris _________ married James Arthur Jordan, son of Arthur Wilson Jordan and Thelma Goodman.

Children of Doris _________ and James Arthur Jordan

Dorothy _________

     Dorothy _________ married John Eugene Fuller Jr., son of John Eugene Fuller and Jimmy Lou Pounds.

Children of Dorothy _________ and John Eugene Fuller Jr.

Dorothy _________

     Dorothy _________ married Norvell Montague Jr., son of Norvell Montague Sr. and Myra Gober.

Dorothy _________

     Dorothy _________ married Gail Rodney Gober, son of Robert Morris Gober and Myrtle E. Lahman.

Dorothy _________

     Dorothy _________ married Gaines Lee Paine, son of James Rondo Paine and Trannie Belle Gober. Dorothy _________ and Gaines Lee Paine were divorced.

Dorothy _________

     Dorothy _________ married Billy Leon Gober, son of Otha Leon Gober and Roberta Moore.

Dorothy _________

     Dorothy _________ married Joseph Boyd Lord, son of Andrew Harrison Lord and Maosa Hepsye Dye, at Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia.

Dorothy _________

     Dorothy _________ married Robert Hines Gober, son of Joseph Corry Gober and Helen Geneva Shearer.

Dorothy _________

     Her married name was Neal. Dorothy _________ married Charles Cartledge Neal Jr., son of Charles Cartledge Neal and Dora Maybelle Bruce.

Doyan _________

     Doyan _________ married Hubert Salis Gober, son of Thomas Samuel Gober and Nettie Maynard.

Eddie _________

b. circa 1892
     Eddie _________ was born circa 1892 at Georgia. Her married name was Gober. She married John Gober, son of Peter Florence Gober and _____ _________.

Children of Eddie _________ and John Gober

Edna _________

     Edna _________ married Timothy Watson Barrett, son of Dallas Clement Barrett and Sarah Rebecca Gober.

Edna _________

     Edna _________ married John W. Ledbetter, son of Charles Austin Ledbetter and Maggie Bride Weatherford.

Child of Edna _________ and John W. Ledbetter

Elaine _________

Eliza Jane _________

b. circa 1834
     Eliza Jane _________ was born circa 1834 at Georgia. As of circa 1855,her married name was Mann. She married Jeremiah Coke A. Mann, son of Jesse Mann and Sarah Gober, circa 1855.

Elizabeth _________

     Elizabeth _________ married an unknown person. She married Warren Robert Gober II, son of Warren Robert Gober and Patricia Quince, in 1980.

Elizabeth _________

     Elizabeth _________ is the daughter of Esther Walker.

Elizabeth _________

b. June 1887, d. 4 April 1969
     Elizabeth _________ was born in June 1887. Her married name was Allbritton. She married Wiley Lon Allbritton, son of William Augustus Allbritton and Martha Washington Gober. Elizabeth _________ died on 4 April 1969 at age 81.

Child of Elizabeth _________ and Wiley Lon Allbritton

Elizabeth _________

     Elizabeth _________ was also known as Lizzie. Her married name was Neal. She married Robert Lafayette Neal M.D., son of Frances Patterson Neal and Dicey Caroline Carson.

Child of Elizabeth _________ and Robert Lafayette Neal M.D.

Ella _________

b. circa 1896
     Ella _________ was born circa 1896 at Texas. Her married name was Gober. She married Linus T. Gober, son of Levi Harrison Gober and Amanda Rosalie Owen.

Children of Ella _________ and Linus T. Gober

Elsie _________

     Her married name was Bramlett. Elsie _________ married Aylmer Evans Bramlett, son of Thomas Wesley Bramlett and Mary Elizabeth Newman.

Emma _________

     Emma _________ married James Herbert Williamson, son of John Calvin Williamson and Alicia Aurora Colunga.

Emma _________

     Emma _________ married Donald Drain, son of Jess Drain and Malinda Mintoria Gober.

Erlene _________

     Erlene _________ married Billie Jean Bramlett, son of Nona Alby Bramlett and Clara Singleton.

Ethel _________

     Her married name was Gober. Ethel _________ married Joseph Corry Gober, son of Joseph Lewis Gober and Nettie Isadora Hines.

Evelyn _________

     Evelyn _________ married George McLawance Ashley, son of Lonnie Nathan Ashley and Janie Adlia Gober, at California.

Fannie L. _________

b. June 1886, d. 10 October 1951
     Fannie L. _________ was born in June 1886. She married Aaron Gilbert Vinyard, son of Thomas Jefferson Vinyard and Lucy Ann Colbert. Fannie L. _________ died on 10 October 1951 at age 65. She was buried at Vinyard Cemetery # 1, Hardin County, Illinois.

Father _________

     Father _________ and Candice Lee Womack were had in 1992.

Children of Father _________ and Candice Lee Womack

Father _________

     Father _________ and Tiffany Dawn Womack were had in 1989.

Child of Father _________ and Tiffany Dawn Womack

Fay _________

     Fay _________ married Gregory Wayne Gober, son of James Walter Gober and Lena Lois Dobbs.

Fay _________

     Fay _________ married Stanley R. Gober, son of Floyd Carlton Gober and Bert Harris.

Fay _________

     Fay _________ married William Alvie Rowell, son of Judge Alvie Rowell and Mary Elizabeth Smith.

Faye _________

     Faye _________ married Roy Samuel Gober, son of Thomas Samuel Gober and Nettie Maynard.