Sandra _________

     Sandra _________ married Samuel Richard Gober, son of Alfred Leroy Gober and Mary V. Boyce, in 1965.

Child of Sandra _________ and Samuel Richard Gober

Sandra _________

     Sandra _________ married Bruce Duane Shipman, son of A. J. Shipman and Joyce Laverne Gober, on 13 January 1978 at Miami, Gila County, Arizona.

Sandra _________

     Sandra _________ married Billy Edward Gober, son of William Thomas Gober and Lucille Ray.

Children of Sandra _________ and Billy Edward Gober

Sandra _________

     Sandra _________ married Jimmy Earl Gober, son of William Thomas Gober and Lucille Ray.

Sandy _________

     Sandy _________ married Grady Durham IV, son of Grady Durham and Mamie Glynn Cureton.

Sara Ann _________

     Sara Ann _________ married Douglas Ledbetter, son of Charles Austin Ledbetter and Maggie Bride Weatherford.

Children of Sara Ann _________ and Douglas Ledbetter

Sara Emma _________1

b. January 1857
     Sara Emma _________ was born in January 1857 at Mississippi or Arkansas. Her married name was Gober. She married Elmus B. Gober, son of Lewis C. Gober and America _________. Sara Emma _________ and Elmus B. Gober were divorced.

Children of Sara Emma _________ and Elmus B. Gober


  1. [S718] Unknown compiler, Census, 1910, Harwell County, Texas (n.p.:, E.D. 190, Sheet l, Dwlg #15, Fam #15, lst wife of Elmus B. Gober.

Sarah _________

     Sarah _________ married Robert John Morrison, son of Jim Frank Morrison and Gloria Jean Witts.

Children of Sarah _________ and Robert John Morrison

Sarah Elizabeth _________

b. 22 May 1850, d. 24 August 1916
     Sarah Elizabeth _________ was born on 22 May 1850 at Georgia; Census record states March 1849.1 Her married name was Gober. She married Thomas H. Gober, son of Craddock G. Gober and Matilda A. Wilbanks. Sarah Elizabeth _________ died on 24 August 1916 at age 66. She was buried at Covington City Cemetery, Covington, Newton County, Georgia.

Children of Sarah Elizabeth _________ and Thomas H. Gober


  1. [S134] Unknown compiler, Census, 1900, Clarke County, Georgia (n.p.:

Sciloma _________

     Sciloma _________ was born. Her married name was Thompson. She married Jesse Thompson, son of Levi Thompson and Theodocia Silvilla Edwards.

Children of Sciloma _________ and Jesse Thompson

Scott _________

     Scott _________ married Kimberly Ann Gober, daughter of Richard Leon Gober and Nellie Knowles, on 17 October 1992.

Shannen _________

     Shannen _________ married Stephen P. Gober, son of Stanley R. Gober and Fay _________.

Sharon _________

     Sharon _________ married Glendon Danna Self, son of Charlie William Self and Alma Carrie Vinsett.

Sharon _________

     Sharon _________ married John Lester Henry, son of Walter Chester Henry I and Lucy Pearl Hardman.

Shattes D. _________

     Shattes D. _________ married Martha Gober, daughter of Henry Jackson Gober Sr. and Willie Jo Bray.

Sheila _________

     Sheila _________ married Elgan Clayton Gober, son of Elgan Clayton Gober and Doris Julia Schiffner, at England.

Children of Sheila _________ and Elgan Clayton Gober

Sherry _________

     Sherry _________ married Thomas Paul Tolbert, son of Ralph Gale Tolbert and Margaret Hudson.

Sheryl _________

     Sheryl _________ married Gregory Douglas Gilliland, son of J. B. Gilliland and Wilma Leaton.

Child of Sheryl _________ and Gregory Douglas Gilliland

Shirley _________

     Shirley _________ married Gaines Lee Paine, son of James Rondo Paine and Trannie Belle Gober. Shirley _________ and Gaines Lee Paine were divorced.

Son _________

     Son _________ is the son of _____ _________ and Myrtie Felts.

Son _________

     Son _________ is the son of _____ _________ and Myrtie Felts.

Son _________

     Son _________ is the son of _____ _________ and Susan Leigh Young.

Stacy _________

     Stacy _________ married Kerry Frederick Day, son of Lyle Day and Barbara Frederick.

Child of Stacy _________ and Kerry Frederick Day

Stacy Anastasha _________

     Stacy Anastasha _________ married Brian David Walters, son of William David Walters and Linda Jean Stack, in February 1998 at Mesa, Yavapai County, Arizona.

Susan _________

     Susan _________ married Douglas P. Williamson, son of John Calvin Williamson and Alicia Aurora Colunga.

Susan _________

     Susan _________ married Guy David Gober, son of Clyde Johnson Gober Sr. and Mary Walters.

Susan _________

     Susan _________ married James Andrew Payton Sr., son of Ralph Payton and Joyce _________.

Child of Susan _________ and James Andrew Payton Sr.

Susan _________

     Susan _________ married an unknown person. She married William James Gober, son of Benjamin Hardman Gober and Dorothy Watts.

Child of Susan _________ and William James Gober

Susan _________

     Susan _________ married Bobby Carson, son of Joe Mervin Carson and Susanne Mitchell.

Children of Susan _________ and Bobby Carson

Susan _________

     Susan _________ married Keith Albert Zeigler, son of Fred Albert Zeigler and Frances Louise Gilliland.

Susan G. _________

b. circa 1860
     Susan G. _________ was born circa 1860. Her married name was Butler. She married Zachary T. Butler, son of Alfred P. Butler and Christian Catherine Gober.

Child of Susan G. _________ and Zachary T. Butler

Suzie _________

     Suzie _________ married Joe Lain Womble, son of Joe Womble and Betty Sue Yost, in 1972.

Children of Suzie _________ and Joe Lain Womble

Sylvia _________

     Sylvia _________ married Dick Young, son of William Isaac Young and Ella C. Gober.

Tammy _________

     Tammy _________ married Stephen Glen Smith, son of H. L. Smith and Hylma Jane Wagnon, on 18 July 1986.

Child of Tammy _________ and Stephen Glen Smith

Tara _________

     Tara _________ is the daughter of _____ _________ and Wanda Locklear.

Tasha _________

     Tasha _________ married Thomas Allen Gober, son of Alden Thomas Gober and Gloria J. Beckendorff, in November 1991.

Teresa _________

     Teresa _________ married Richard Alan Mixon, son of B. C. Mixon and Pauline Gober.

Teril _________

     Teril _________ married David Williamson Turner, son of Fred Gordon Turner and Barbara Williamson, in May 1997.

Thelma _________

     Thelma _________ married Joe Franklin Gober, son of Oscar Marion Frances Gober and Emma E. Dysart. Thelma _________ and Joe Franklin Gober were divorced.

Tiffany _________

     Tiffany _________ married Jeffrey Vance Locke, son of Peter Vance Locke and Elizabeth Ann Gober, on 19 November 1991.

Tina LeAnn _________

     Tina LeAnn _________ married Richard Paul Gober, son of Olney Kenneth Gober and Phyllis Horn, on 6 June 1977.

Tippi _________

     Tippi _________ married John Carson, son of Joe Mervin Carson and Susanne Mitchell.

Children of Tippi _________ and John Carson

Tommy _________

     Tommy _________ married Barbara Jean Wofford, daughter of Charles Wofford and Fannie Lou Lord.

Tracy _________

     Tracy _________ married Ritchie Harold Thompson, son of Billy Wilson Thompson and Helen Fay Holley, circa 1989 at St. Louis, Missouri. Tracy _________ and Ritchie Harold Thompson were divorced.

Truman Harris Prestige _________

     Truman Harris Prestige _________ is the son of _____ _________ and Brenda Sue Gober.

Twyla _________

     Twyla _________ married Roger Lynn Dobbins, son of Wilbur O. Dobbins and Eloise Melton.

Unis Ann _________

     Unis Ann _________ married Roy Samuel Gober, son of Thomas Samuel Gober and Nettie Maynard.

Vernice _________

     Vernice _________ married Altus Earl Rowell, son of Thomas Elsebery Rowell and Mattie Holliman.

Veula L. _________

b. March 1882
     Veula L. _________ also went by the name of Ula. She was born in March 1882 at Texas. She married Charles Henry Gober, son of James N. Gober and Elizabeth Louisa Thompson. Her married name was Gober.

Children of Veula L. _________ and Charles Henry Gober

Vicky _________

     Vicky _________ married Dennis Boswell, son of Bill Boswell and Phala Thomas.

Children of Vicky _________ and Dennis Boswell