Joyce _________

     Joyce _________ married Ralph Payton, son of James William Payton and Ruby Estelle Bramlett. Joyce _________ and Ralph Payton were divorced.

Children of Joyce _________ and Ralph Payton

Judith A. _________

b. July 1855, d. 1920
     Judith A. _________ was born in July 1855. She married Zachary T. Butler, son of Alfred P. Butler and Christian Catherine Gober. Her married name was Butler. Judith A. _________ died in 1920.

Judy _________

     Judy _________ married Rev. William Robert Rohlin, son of William Rohlin and Zanell Frances Gober.

Julie _________

     Julie _________ married Stephen Ray Brazzel, son of Rayburn L. Brazzel and Anna Joyce Gober.

Karen _________

     Karen _________ married Terry Cleveland Gober, son of Joseph Cleveland Gober Jr. and Geneva Phillips.

Children of Karen _________ and Terry Cleveland Gober

Karen _________

     Karen _________ married Terry Eugene Meaders, son of Norman Eugene Meaders and Sherell Everett.

Child of Karen _________ and Terry Eugene Meaders

Karen _________

     Karen _________ married Kenneth Wayne Semore, son of James Wendell Semore and Doris Mae Rice, on 10 December 1975.

Karen _________

     Karen _________ married Danny Self, son of Roy Vester Self and Octavia Fenwick.

Karen _________

     Karen _________ married Harold Waldrup, son of Leland Waldrup and D'Willow Eudora Gober. Believe they are divorced.

Kathern Jean Renae _________

     Kathern Jean Renae _________ is the daughter of _____ _________ and Brenda Sue Gober.

Kathy _________

     Kathy _________ is the daughter of Shirley Ann Hopkins.

Kathy _________

     Kathy _________ married Billy Edward Gober, son of William Thomas Gober and Lucille Ray.

Children of Kathy _________ and Billy Edward Gober

Kathy _________

     Kathy _________ married Carl Alan Paine, son of Gaines Lee Paine and Maurine Taylor.

Kathy _________

     Kathy _________ married Tommy Thompson, son of _____ Thompson and Sally Marie Gober.

Kathy _________

     Kathy _________ married David Waldrup, son of Leland Waldrup and D'Willow Eudora Gober. Kathy _________ and David Waldrup were divorced.

Child of Kathy _________ and David Waldrup

Kay _________

     Kay _________ married John Murray Jr., son of John Green Murray and Marjory Ann Dameron.

Child of Kay _________ and John Murray Jr.

Kay _________

     Kay _________ married David Earl Gober, son of Gail Rodney Gober and Barbara Jones, on 16 December 1978.

Kay _________

     Kay _________ married Charles Corell, son of Frank J. Cordell and Polly Kathleen Cureton.

Kaye _________

     Kaye _________ married Richard A. Green, son of Neubert A. Green and Linnie Francis Gober.

Keith _________

     Keith _________ is the son of _____ _________ and Jo Ella Daughtery.

Kelly _________

     Kelly _________ married Phillip Dale Smith, son of H. L. Smith and Hylma Jane Wagnon.

Kevin _________

     Kevin _________ is the son of _____ _________ and Peggy Sue O'Neal.

Lara _________

b. circa 1846
     Lara _________ was born circa 1846. Her married name was Butler. She married Jesse R. Butler, son of Alfred P. Butler and Christian Catherine Gober, at Jackson County, Georgia.

Larry _________

     Larry _________ is the child of _____ _________ and Mary Sarah Pauline Gober.

Laudis _________

     Laudis _________ married Otho Printice Herrington, son of Henry Hampton Herrington and Aurora Zenada Gober.

Laura _________

     Laura _________ married Charles Daughtery, son of Bill Daughtery and Dorothy Young, have children, no information.

Laurie _________

     Laurie _________ married Gaylon Lee Pricer, son of Luke Pricer and Glynda Myrl Gober.

Child of Laurie _________ and Gaylon Lee Pricer

Le Jaé _________

     Le Jaé _________ married Byron Keith Potts, son of Emory V. Potts and Mary Belle Rowell, on 6 March 1993. Le Jaé _________ and Byron Keith Potts were divorced.

Child of Le Jaé _________ and Byron Keith Potts

Lela _________

     Her married name was Gober. Lela _________ married Elmer Everett Gober, son of William Richard Gober and Missouri Griffin.

Child of Lela _________ and Elmer Everett Gober

Lela _________

     Lela _________ married an unknown person. She married Adrian Dean Self, son of Kelly Rosco Self and Annie M. Conley.

Lelia _________

b. circa 1883
     Lelia _________ was born circa 1883 at Georgia. Her married name was Gober. She married James L. Gober, son of William J. Gober and Matilda Ann Whitlock.

Children of Lelia _________ and James L. Gober

Levi _________

     Levi _________ married Eldrid Alonzo McKay, son of Samuel James McKay and Irene Josephine Boon, in 1949. Levi _________ and Eldrid Alonzo McKay were divorced.

Child of Levi _________ and Eldrid Alonzo McKay

Lillian _________

b. 21 January 1892, d. August 1968
     Lillian _________ was born on 21 January 1892. She married James G. Ginger, son of Eli T. Ginger and Eliza Turner. Her married name was Ginger. Lillian _________ was buried at Kankakee Cemetery, Kankakee, Kankakee County, Illinois. She died in August 1968 at Kankakee, Kankakee County, Illinois, at age 76.

Lillie _________

b. 27 May 1891, d. 25 May 1911
     Lillie _________ was born on 27 May 1891. She married Silas A. Vinyard, son of John T. Vinyard and Margaret Moore. Her married name was Vinyard. Lillie _________ died on 25 May 1911 at age 19. She was buried at Vinyard Cemetery # 1, Hardin County, Illinois.

Lillie _________

     Lillie _________ married Roy Samuel Gober, son of Thomas Samuel Gober and Nettie Maynard.

Lillie B. _________

b. circa 1900
     Lillie B. _________ was born circa 1900 at Arkansas. She married William Lewis J. Gober, son of James Lewis Gober and Frances Emmaline Draper. Her married name was Gober. Her married name was Tullas. Lillie B. _________ married _____ Tullas.

Linda _________

     Linda _________ married Perry Joe Gober, son of John Dee Gober and Mary Delilah Woodall.

Children of Linda _________ and Perry Joe Gober

Lois _________

     Lois _________ married A. V. Harden, son of Arlen Harden and Ethel Andrews. They had children, no information.

Lois E. _________

b. 27 December 1915, d. 16 March 1988
     Lois E. _________ was born on 27 December 1915 at Mississippi. She married Bradford Bramlett, son of Henry Hollis Bramlett and Rosa Morgan. Her married name was Bramlett. Lois E. _________ died on 16 March 1988 at French Camp, Attala County, Mississippi, at age 72. She was buried at Old Greensboro Cemetery, Choctaw County, Mississippi.

Child of Lois E. _________ and Bradford Bramlett

Lori Ann _________

     Lori Ann _________ married an unknown person. She married David Allen Gober, son of (Rev) Gerald Lee Gober and Verna Lee Spoon, on 1 November 1985 at Columbus, Cherokee County, Kansas.

Lou R. _________1

b. December 1868
     Lou R. _________ was born in December 1868 at Georgia.1 She married James A. Gober, son of Richard H. Gober Jr. and Mary McAlpin. Her married name was Gober.


  1. [S27] Unknown compiler, Census, 1900, Haralson County, Georgia (n.p.:

Louise _________

b. 29 January 1835, d. 6 January 1910
     Louise _________ was born on 29 January 1835. She married William W. Taylor, son of Redden P. Taylor and Lucinda Gober. Her married name was Taylor. Louise _________ died on 6 January 1910 at age 74. She was buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Bowling Green, Holmes County, Mississippi.

Louise _________

     Her married name was Gober. Louise _________ married Fred Huston Gober, son of Thomas Craddock Gober and Nancy Emaline Kuykendall.

Child of Louise _________ and Fred Huston Gober

Lovenia O. _________

b. December 1869
     Lovenia O. _________ was born in December 1869 at Mississippi. She married Walter B. Prather, son of Cicero C. Prather and Mary Louise Gober, circa 1891. Her married name was Prather.

Lucille _________

b. 5 October 1910, d. 6 January 1987
     Lucille _________ was born on 5 October 1910. Her married name was Jones. She married Herman Edward Jones, son of James Edward Jones and Alice Gober, on 30 January 1957. Lucille _________ died on 6 January 1987 at age 76.

Lucille _________

     Her married name was Cureton. Lucille _________ married George Huddleston Cureton, son of Robert LaFayette Cureton II and Virgie Ella Gober.

Lucille L. _________

     Lucille L. _________ married Leonard Louie Hardman, son of William Wesley Hardman and Mattie Lou Willburn.

Child of Lucille L. _________ and Leonard Louie Hardman

Lucy _________

b. 1849, d. 1915
     Lucy _________ was born in 1849. She married Lucian Tevis Vinyard, son of William M. Vinyard and Mary A. Shell. Her married name was Vinyard. Lucy _________ died in 1915.

Lucy? _________

d. circa 1780
     Lucy? _________ was born at Virginia. She married William Gober II, son of William Gober I and Nancy Meakins, circa 1763. As of circa 1763,her married name was Gober. Lucy? _________ died circa 1780 at Granville County, North Carolina.

Luzanie _________

     Luzanie _________ married Ronald Gene Young, son of William Haskell Young and Etajoe Gilliland.

Child of Luzanie _________ and Ronald Gene Young