Lynn _________

     Lynn _________ married Carl Alan Paine, son of Gaines Lee Paine and Maurine Taylor. Lynn _________ and Carl Alan Paine were divorced.

Mable _________

     Mable _________ married Edward Franklin Gober, son of Walter Lee Gober and Nora Ellen Black.

Child of Mable _________ and Edward Franklin Gober

Mae _________

     Her married name was Gober. Mae _________ married Edwin Davis Gober, son of James Monroe Gober M.D. and Allie Olevia O'Brien.

Maggie _________

     Her married name was James. Maggie _________ married Laurence Vernie James, son of Morgan Greenleaf James and Mary Elizabeth Gober.

Malissa _________

b. circa 1869
     Her married name was Gober. Malissa _________ was born circa 1869 at Tennessee. She married Jasper Newton Gober, son of Thomas W. Gober and Martha E. _________, circa 1901.

Children of Malissa _________ and Jasper Newton Gober

Mamie _________

     Mamie _________ married Darling Carl Rowell, son of Judge Henry Rowell and Calnetta Mekin Gober.

Mamie _________

     Her married name was Melton. Mamie _________ married Francis Melton, son of John W. Melton and Fannie Clarkson, and they had three children.

Mamie M. _________

b. 1895
     Mamie M. _________ was born in 1895 at Mississippi. She married Wade Clement Barrett, son of Dallas Clement Barrett and Sarah Rebecca Gober. Her married name was Barrett.

Manuel _________

     Manuel _________ married Lois Gober, daughter of Charles Luther Gober and Charlotte L. Green.

Marcelle _________

     Marcelle _________ married Robert Marcellus Ledbetter, son of Charles Austin Ledbetter and Maggie Bride Weatherford.

Margaret _________

     Her married name was Dowd. Margaret _________ married Hillary Doud, son of James Walter Doud and Hattie Green Gober.

Margaret _________

     Margaret _________ married an unknown person. She married Eddie Lavon Gober, son of Herbert Henry Gober and Edith Doughten, on 25 August 1962.

Children of Margaret _________ and Eddie Lavon Gober

Margaret _________

     Margaret _________ married Henry Ulysses Smith, son of Jake B. Smith and Pansy Louella Lane.

Margaret _________

     Margaret _________ married Paul Marcus Stuckey, son of P. D. Stuckey and Ora Lucille Gober.

Margaret L. _________1,2

b. June 1845
     Margaret L. _________ was born in June 1845 at Georgia.2 She married David C. Gober, son of Robert H. Gober and Frances Neal, circa 1868. Her married name was Gober.

Children of Margaret L. _________ and David C. Gober


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Margie _________

     Margie _________ married Taylor Lee Barnes, son of Webster Lee Barnes and Annie J. Howell.

Maria _________

     Maria _________ married Terry Ledbetter, son of Robert Marcellus Ledbetter and Helen _________.

Marie _________

     Marie _________ married Charles Clarkson, son of Cicero Taylor Clarkson and Mary Susan Smith.

Children of Marie _________ and Charles Clarkson

Marie _________

     Marie _________ married Henry Payton, son of James William Payton and Ruby Estelle Bramlett, in 1974.

Martha _________

     Martha _________ married Braxton Ginger, son of Eli T. Ginger and Jane Cole. Her married name was Ginger.

Martha _________

b. circa 1865
     Martha _________ was born circa 1865. Her married name was Gober. She married James W. Gober, son of William R. Gober and Permelia Ann Patterson.

Martha _________

     Martha _________ married Rev. William Major Neal, son of Richard Lewis Neal and Lucinda C. Gober.

Children of Martha _________ and Rev. William Major Neal

Martha E. _________

b. circa 1824
     Martha E. _________ was born circa 1824 at North Carolina. Her married name was Gober. She married Thomas W. Gober, son of John Gober and Unity Wilson, at Georgia.

Martha E. _________

b. circa 1835
     Martha E. _________ was born circa 1835 at Illinois. Her married name was Bramlet. She married Henry Monroe Bramlet, son of Nathan Bramlet and Jane Gober, at Missouri.

Martha N. _________1

b. January 1865
     Martha N. _________ was born in January 1865 at Georgia. She married James A. Gober, son of Dempsey Pope Conner Gober and Meita Rice. Her married name was Gober.


  1. [S468] Unknown compiler, Census, 1900, Walker County, Georgia (n.p.:

Mary _________

b. circa 1810
     Mary _________ was born circa 1810 at Georgia. Her married name was Gober. She married James Gober Sr., son of William Gober II and Lucy Campbell.

Child of Mary _________ and James Gober Sr.

Mary _________

b. March 1866
     Mary _________ was born in March 1866 at Kentucky. Her married name was Gober. She married James J. Gober, son of William Joshua Gober and Clarissa Embry.

Mary _________

     Mary _________ married Allan Scott, son of Don Scott and Barbara Ann Gober.

Child of Mary _________ and Allan Scott

Mary _________

     Mary _________ married Joseph Edwin Donnan, son of Ernest Alonzo Donnan and Laura Clementine Meaders, in 1942.

Children of Mary _________ and Joseph Edwin Donnan

Mary _________

     Her married name was Gober. Mary _________ married an unknown person. She married Troy Thomas Gober, son of Thomas Samuel Gober and Nettie Maynard.

Mary _________

     Mary _________ married Forrest Clayton Crow, son of Forrest Atticus Crow and Edna Cordell.

Child of Mary _________ and Forrest Clayton Crow

Mary _________

     Her married name was Williamson. Mary _________ married Marion Frederick Parks Williamson, son of James Madison Williamson and Rithia Melvina Gober.

Mary A. _________

b. circa 1822
     Mary A. _________ was born circa 1822 at Mississippi. She married Charles Lewis Gober, son of Lewis Gober and Rebecca Clayton. Her married name was Gober.

Mary C. J. _________

b. May 1859, d. 1926
     Mary C. J. _________ also went by the name of Josie. She was born in May 1859 at Georgia. She married an unknown person. Her married name was Garrison. Her married name was Gober. She married William Floyd Gober, son of Stephen N. Gober and Permelia A. F. Rice, on 18 March 1888 at Carroll County, Georgia. Mary C. J. _________ was buried at Concord Meth. Church Cemetery, Carroll County, Georgia. She died in 1926.

Child of Mary C. J. _________ and William Floyd Gober

Mary E. _________

b. 1872, d. 1928
     Mary E. _________ was born in 1872. She married Silas A. Vinyard, son of John T. Vinyard and Margaret Moore. Her married name was Vinyard. Mary E. _________ died in 1928.

Child of Mary E. _________ and Silas A. Vinyard

Mary Etta _________

     Her married name was Neely. Mary Etta _________ married James T. Neely Jr., son of James T. Neely Sr. and Sarah Jane Morgan.

Mary Kate _________

b. 29 September 1923, d. 13 October 1978
     Mary Kate _________ was born on 29 September 1923. Her married name was Gober. She married George Frank Gober Jr., son of George Frank Gober and Leila E. Latham. Mary Kate _________ died on 13 October 1978 at age 55. She was buried at Bethel United Meth. Church Cemetery, Dawson County, Georgia.

Mary Lou _________

     Her married name was Warwick. Mary Lou _________ married Wylie Warwick, son of Daniel Newton Warwick and Louellen Nix.

Mary M. _________

     Her married name was Shelton. Mary M. _________ married Howard Shelton, son of Glenn Pierce Shelton and _____ _________.

Child of Mary M. _________ and Howard Shelton

Matilda _________

b. circa 1806
     Matilda _________ was born circa 1806. She married Asa Gober, son of William Y. Gober and Frances Scurry. Her married name was Gober.

Child of Matilda _________ and Asa Gober

Matilda J. _________

     Matilda J. _________ married Daniel T. Vinyard Jr., son of Daniel T. Vinyard Sr. and Elizabeth Hale. Her married name was Vinyard.

Mattie _________

b. 20 October 1868, d. 18 January 1919
     Mattie _________ was born on 20 October 1868 at Mississippi. She married Tonkwa L. Prather, son of Cicero C. Prather and Mary Louise Gober, circa 1900. Her married name was Prather. Mattie _________ died on 18 January 1919 at Mississippi at age 50. She was buried at Shady Grove, Prentiss County, Mississippi.

Maud C. E. _________

b. circa 1887
     Maud C. E. _________ was born circa 1887 at Arkansas. She married Grover C. Gober, son of Cyrus L. Gober and Mary E. Dorsey, circa 1907. Her married name was Gober.

May _________

     May _________ married Timothy Watson Barrett, son of Dallas Clement Barrett and Sarah Rebecca Gober. Her married name was Barrett.

Child of May _________ and Timothy Watson Barrett

May _________

     As of circa 1902,her married name was Gober. May _________ married James Aubrey Gober, son of James Frances Marion Gober and Sudie E. Baker, circa 1902 at Texas.

Children of May _________ and James Aubrey Gober

Melinda _________

     Her married name was Armstrong. Melinda _________ married Coleman H. Armstrong, son of Joseph Armstrong and Sarah Gober, circa 1845 at Bond County, Illinois.

Melissa _________

b. circa 1876
     Melissa _________ was born circa 1876 at Texas. She married William E. Gober, son of Jasper E. Gober and Margaret M. Ryles. Her married name was Gober.

Melody _________

     Melody _________ married James Otis Gober, son of Dewey Lee Franklin Gober and Maggie Lou Lemon.

Melody _________

     Melody _________ married Teddy Lynn Mann, son of Raymond Lloyd Mann and Lillian Fay Voyles.

Child of Melody _________ and Teddy Lynn Mann

Merle _________

     Her married name was Gober. Merle _________ married Ennis Gober, son of Cyrus C. Gober and Etta Copeland.