Flore F. _________

b. 1898
     Flore F. _________ was born in 1898. She married Charlie D. Warwick, son of John W. Warwick and Nancy Hannah Potts. Her married name was Warwick.

Frances _________

     Frances _________ married Albert Barrett, son of Grover Clanton Barrett and Annie Burks.

Frances _________

     Her married name was Ballard. Frances _________ married Fletcher Ballard, son of Lewis Ballard and Mary Gober.

Francis _________

     Francis _________ married Jesse Wayne Drain, son of Jack Drain and Adrain White.

Child of Francis _________ and Jesse Wayne Drain

Frieda _________

     Frieda _________ married Earl Wayne Rowell, son of _____ _________ and Callie Rowell.

Child of Frieda _________ and Earl Wayne Rowell

Gay _________

     Gay _________ married Robert Dale Gober, son of Reggie Dale Gober and Kathy Gale Odell.

Georgia _________

b. 1890
     Georgia _________ was born in 1890 at Tennessee. Her married name was Gober. She married Benjamin F. Gober, son of _____ _________ and Rebecca Elizabeth Gober.

Gerilyn _________

     Gerilyn _________ married Byron Keith Potts, son of Emory V. Potts and Mary Belle Rowell. Gerilyn _________ and Byron Keith Potts were divorced.

Child of Gerilyn _________ and Byron Keith Potts

Gertrude _________1

b. November 1873
     Gertrude _________ was born in November 1873 at Georgia.1 She married Robert A. Gober, son of David C. Gober and Margaret L. _________, circa 1896.1 Her married name was Gober.

Children of Gertrude _________ and Robert A. Gober


  1. [S511] Unknown compiler, Census, 1900, Campbell County, Georgia (n.p.: n.pub.).

Ginger _________

     Ginger _________ married Alan Jack Gober, son of Asberry Webb Gober and Irene Sachs.

Child of Ginger _________ and Alan Jack Gober

Giulia _________

b. 21 November 1880, d. 21 June 1905
     Giulia _________ was born on 21 November 1880. She married Silas A. Vinyard, son of John T. Vinyard and Margaret Moore. Her married name was Vinyard. Giulia _________ died on 21 June 1905 at age 24. She was buried at Vinyard Cemetery # 1, Hardin County, Illinois.

Child of Giulia _________ and Silas A. Vinyard

Gladis _________

     Her married name was Tolbert. Gladis _________ married Thomas Gober Tolbert, son of Albert Walter Tolbert and Sallie Effie Lee Gober.

Gloria _________

     Gloria _________ married Rodney Lynn Villadsen, son of Reno Skov Villadsen II and Delta Joan Richard.

Gracy Loraine _________

     Her married name was Phillips. Gracy Loraine _________ married William Alvin Phillips, son of Wiley Milton Phillips and Sarah Elizabeth Carey.

Gwenda _________

     Gwenda _________ married Raymond Self, son of Roy Dennis Self and Sadie Marie Kopf.

Hallie Francis _________

     Hallie Francis _________ married Edward Herbert McKinley, son of Herman L. McKinley and Edna Alois Bachman. Has children, no information.

Caroline _________, Hamilton

b. March 1857
     Caroline _________, Hamilton also went by the name of Callie. She was born in March 1857 at Alabama. She married an unknown person. She married John Wesley Hardman, son of Wesley Smith Hardman and Mary Hill Gober, on 12 October 1890. Her married name was Hamilton.

Children of Caroline _________, Hamilton and John Wesley Hardman

Hannah _________

     Hannah _________ married William H. Gober, son of Thomas W. Gober and Martha E. _________. Her married name was Gober.

Hattie F. _________

b. circa 1892
     Hattie F. _________ was born circa 1892 at Texas. Her married name was Gober. She married Elmus B. Gober, son of Lewis C. Gober and America _________, at Texas.

Children of Hattie F. _________ and Elmus B. Gober

Hazel _________

     Her married name was Busby. Hazel _________ married James Lee Busby, son of Granville Busby and Cora Rochester.

Children of Hazel _________ and James Lee Busby

Hazel _________

     Hazel _________ married Alfred Camel Cureton, son of Robert LaFayette Cureton II and Virgie Ella Gober.

Helen _________

     Helen _________ married Grant Nathaniel Gober, son of John Richard Gober and Emeline Gann, at Haralson County, Georgia. As of 1940,her married name was Gober.

Helen _________

     Helen _________ married Gaines Lee Paine, son of James Rondo Paine and Trannie Belle Gober. Helen _________ and Gaines Lee Paine were divorced.

Ida Mae _________

b. 1 February 1898, d. 7 February 1966
     Ida Mae _________ was born on 1 February 1898. She married Ward Shewmaker, son of J. Frank Shewmaker and Eliza C. Vinyard. Ida Mae _________ died on 7 February 1966 at age 68.

Ida Mae _________

     Ida Mae _________ married Arthur Gober, son of James William Gober and Talitha Jane Holbrook.

Igena? _________

     Igena? _________ married Dr. John Ricky Gober, son of John Wesley Gober and Betty McIntosh, on 23 January 1971.

Mrs. Sarah Jane _________, Ishem

     Mrs. Sarah Jane _________, Ishem married Anderson Andrew Vinyard Jr., son of Anderson Andrew Vinyard Sr. and Emalina M. Patton. Her married name was Vinyard.

Ivy _________

     Ivy _________ married Carl Findley Gober, son of Madison Pitts Gober and Harriett Elizabeth Garner.

Mrs. Izora _________

     Mrs. Izora _________ was also known as Belt. As of 29 March 1919,her married name was Ginger. She married Robert Ginger, son of Archibald Ginger and Mary Ann Patton, on 29 March 1919.

Child of Mrs. Izora _________ and Robert Ginger

Jane _________

     Jane _________ married Carroll Lynn Self, son of Charlie William Self and Alma Carrie Vinsett.

Janie _________

b. circa 1876
     Janie _________ was born circa 1876 at Georgia. She married Turner L. Gober, son of David C. Gober and Margaret L. _________. Her married name was Gober.

Jean _________

     Jean _________ married James Delano Middleswart, son of Elmer B Middleswart and Virginia Josephine McKay. Jean _________ and James Delano Middleswart were divorced.

Child of Jean _________ and James Delano Middleswart

Jean _________

     Jean _________ married Henry Ulysses Smith, son of Jake B. Smith and Pansy Louella Lane.

Jean _________

     Jean _________ married Horace Olen Phillips, son of Wiley Milton Phillips and Millie Annie Warner, on 11 April 1971.

Jeanie _________

     Jeanie _________ married Vernon Drain, son of Jack Drain and Adrain White.

Children of Jeanie _________ and Vernon Drain

Jeanine _________

     Jeanine _________ married Gaines Lee Paine, son of James Rondo Paine and Trannie Belle Gober. Jeanine _________ and Gaines Lee Paine were divorced.

Jeffery _________

     Jeffery _________ is the son of _____ _________ and Debra Kathlene Donahoo.

Jeffie _________

     Jeffie _________ married Edwin Eldon Gober, son of Charles Lewis Gober Jr. and Amanda Jane Jacks.

Jenene _________

     Jenene _________ married Darrell Raymond Amy, son of Donald Raymond Amy and Donna Gail Ward.

Children of Jenene _________ and Darrell Raymond Amy

Jennie _________

     Jennie _________ married Milas Vinyard, son of George J. Vinyard and Belle Bradshaw. Her married name was Viinyard.

Jennie _________

     Her married name was Gober. Jennie _________ married Luther Mason Gober, son of James Applin Gober and Louisa Cordelia Robbins.

Jennie Elder _________

b. 25 December 1865, d. 4 March 1959
     Jennie Elder _________ was born on 25 December 1865. She married Roland Gustavus Deener, son of Thomas W. Deener and Susanna Mahuldy Gober. Her married name was Deener. Jennie Elder _________ died on 4 March 1959 at age 93. She was buried at Hickory Plains Cemetery, Hickory Plains, Prairie County, Arkansas.

Child of Jennie Elder _________ and Roland Gustavus Deener

Jessica Rachel _________

     Jessica Rachel _________ is the daughter of Chris _________ and Rae Ellis Mills.

Jewell _________

     Jewell _________ married Hubert Salis Gober, son of Thomas Samuel Gober and Nettie Maynard.

Children of Jewell _________ and Hubert Salis Gober

Jimmie _________

     Her married name was Meaders. Jimmie _________ married Conner L. Meaders, son of Jedediah Harrison Meaders and Margaret Amanda Gober.

Child of Jimmie _________ and Conner L. Meaders

Jimmy Conners _________

     Jimmy Conners _________ was born. He was the son of _____ _________ and Esther Walker. Jimmy Conners _________ died while a young man.

Jo Anna _________

     Jo Anna _________ married William Daughtery, son of Bill Daughtery and Dorothy Young.

Children of Jo Anna _________ and William Daughtery

JoAnn _________

     JoAnn _________ married Russell Gober, son of Stanley R. Gober and Fay _________.

Joey _________

     Joey _________ married Randal Don Voyles, son of Don Wayne Voyles and Janice Fay Taylor.